Is While You Were Sleeping Secretly Creepy?

Let me start by saying While You Were Sleeping is my favorite movie. It will always be in my top five most recommended movies. I’m always enchanted by the love story, the family, and silly predicaments. Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman have this amazing chemistry you don’t see anymore in a romance (if you have and it’s not Twilight based, please tell me below in the comment section).  The family reminds me of my family. They care about each other, but they have their problems.  All the individual characters feel real, and you want to visit them over and over again.

With that said, I can’t help but think this movie has a sinister undertone.  This thought pops into my head if I seriously sit down and reflect on the plot.  Here is why I think While You Were Sleeping is secretly creepy. It really comes down to one idea. Stalking.  Is Lucy a stalker? Does she take this too far? Some might call this far fetched but hear me out.

Lucy is in ‘love’ with Peter. To the point where she pretends to be engaged to him.  You could argue she was kidding when she said that line, “Oh, I was going to marry him.” but I don’t think she was. I think in her mind, she already picked out the dress and the music.  She was in full blown fantasy land.

Next point. Lucy doesn’t correct the nurse, doctor or family when they all think she is Peter’s fiancé. She uses the excuse that she doesn’t want to kill the grandmother. The grandmother with a heart problem.  However, as we see at the wedding at the end, the grandmother handles everything just fine. IN fact, I’m convinced she is the reason Jack ends up proposing. Anyway, I think she secretly enjoyed being considered Peter’s fiancé. She liked the idea so much she kept going. The only problem is she ends up realizing he is a bit of an ass and his brother is better. Jack is her new target.

If we put it all together, she is a bit of a predator. She has no one, and she joined their family like one joins the Marines (I love that line).  You could argue she is just lonely. She has no one but a few friends and cat. However, she allows things to happen to her. Things she secretly fantasizes about she gets to experience.  That is a little creepy.

Originally the story was flipped. It was a guy obsessed with a girl who ends up in a coma. He ends up falling for the woman’s sister.  It was switched because the studio thought it was predatory having a guy do this in a movie. I feel it’s creepy no matter what.

I feel like the charm of the actors in these roles is what makes it not so disturbing. I feel. in different hands, this story could have been much more terrifying to audiences. So, enjoy the movie, but don’t forget that without the charm, Lucy Eleanor Moderatz is a creepy stalker.

Enjoy this recut trailer someone did to show how creepy this could have been.

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed.

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