Three Ways Morticia and Gomez Addams Love is Iconic


image from: The Addams Family Forever Tumblr


My first taste of The Addams Family came from the movie that starred Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia.  As a little kid, I don’t have the stronger recollection of the film. All I know is it left a mark as did the movie’s sequel, Addams Family Values. It wasn’t until I was much older that I even saw the television show or read some of the illustrations (most one panel) of The Addams Family.

As an adult, I could appreciate the characters and their relationships much better. Especially the marriage of Gomez and Morticia Addams. I always loved them starting with Houston’s and Julia’s portrayals.  They were in love with each other, and you knew it.  They always stuck together even when things looked dim their love never faulted.

In the television show, we have the same idea.  They love each other.  The difference here though? We get more time with them. We, as an audience, aren’t constricted to two hours of entertainment where this couple has to share the stage with many other characters and a static story.  This version of the couple has time to develop away from others.  We get to see these two in their day to day lives.

It is quite lovely.  After having a self-imposed Addams Family marathon, I came up with these three reasons why Morticia and Gomez are the iconic couple we all should love and adore at any time of year.

Let us begin!

image from: The Addams Family Forever Tumblr

Reason #1: Sincerely Happy

When it comes to Morticia and Gomez, we don’t follow that stupid sitcom trope. You know the one. Once a couple is married the woman becomes angry and shrewish, and the man hates the woman he married.  Yeah, none of that here.  From the minute Gomez meets Morticia he is in love.  Same for her as well.  When they are together, they genuinely make each other happy.  When they do fight, it never lasts for long.  They sincerely want to be together for the rest of their lives. Swoon.

Reason #2: They are a Team

In the television show, whenever a problem is presented, they rarely go at the problem alone.  The two find each other and try to work it out together.  It’s not “women’s work” to talk to their daughter. They speak to her together, as a team.  Let’s think this through. When the show aired in 1964, there wasn’t a lot of teamwork in marriages.  Usually, the husband and wife were off playing their societal roles but not these two.   It is rare for these two not to know what each other is facing because they face everything life throws at them together.

Double swoon.

Reason #3: They Respect Each Other

Respect is one of the most important qualities to have in a relationship.  In new narratives, respect is usually thrown out the window for the joke.  In this show, their respect for each other isn’t sacrificed for the joke.  If anything, the show still makes so great jokes around the fact that these two characters do respect and love each other so much.  They listen to each other and never laugh at what they truly love.

Triple swoon.

As one internet critic said once in her video on The Addams Family:

But the reason the Addams are happy is really because they exist outside of society’s expectations. Gomez is a man child who plays with his trains, and that’s fine. Morticia fences with her husband and plays with weapons often and it doesn’t occur to them to care what other people think.

That is why I find these two iconic. Whether in a comic strip, a television show, movies or the Broadway stage, these two love, respect and are a team to the bitter end.  Who wouldn’t want that in real life as well?


image from: The Addams Family Forever Tumblr

So, as I leave to watch more of these two, I hope all of you out there have found or will find your Gomez or Morticia.

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