Spoilers Are Ruining Everything

I’m a television fan (no way Amanda we haven’t noticed) and because I am a tv fan I have looked for my fair share of spoilers.

Ah, spoilers.

Gossip is the little tidbits that keep us interested in a television show.  Sometimes. It could stop us from watching, but that’s for another time.  The internet has made coming across spoilers easier than ever.   There are whole websites dedicated to the art of the spoilers.  They make it their job to find spoilers for fans regardless if they want to see them or not.

In the past, spoilers were hard to find.  Sometimes a brief preview of an upcoming show would appear in a magazine, talk show, or entertainment show but most audiences were in the dark about what was to come.

Did that make things better?

Take Soap Opera for instance. Other than spots on entertainment shows or the Soap Opera Digest the soap opera fan was in the dark about what was happening next.  Now, between set reports, rumors and the remaining soap magazines reporting spoilers like baseball scores. Which fan had more fun? The one riding the storyline wave as it came or the one who already swam into calming territory?

I guess it depends on the person.  Personally, I believe that spoilers might be ruining the television experience.  Spoilers tend to ruin surprises. That surprise twist that makes an episode. That storyline that has the possibility to become legendary can be reversed because a small fraction of angry fans complained enough on Twitter to change the writer’s minds.

Why can’t we, as an audience, just let the story play itself out. Let the story take us into directions we didn’t see coming.  If the story ends up being disappointing, we can move on from the show.  Being always aware of the possible twists and turns can make a story disappointing too.

So, as I write this, I plan to avoid spoilers as best I can.

Will you?

Until next time, I hope you enjoyed.

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