Real Life Horror: The Top Investigation Discovery Shows to Check Out this Year


Welcome back! I have spent so much time on the fictional horror that it is easy to forget how much real horror is happening in the world.  Even weirder we are all just as fascinated by real life horror as well.  I have so many favorite shows on the Investigation Discovery, but these are the three that are on my mind this month. I highly encourage all of you to check out the channels and their shows. Lots of stories and lots of real life horror you can’t believe could happen outside of a movie script.

So, without further ado here is my top three Investigation Discovery shows at the moment.

Death by Gossip with Wendy Williams


Do not get tripped up by the name. Yes, it is that Wendy Williams. Do not expect this to be like her talk show, though. She covers horrible stories that start with gossip but end in murder. Wendy Williams even said, when promoting the show, “Everyone loves a little dish now and then, but in these cases, guilty pleasure can become a motive for murder.”

I like this series because it shows how much gossip affects our view on a situation.  Gossip can start as harmless fun but turn deadly if the gossip is heard by the wrong people. Yes, I will not lie, I like to gossip as much as the next person does, you just forget how much that gossip will affect others. Even the most harmless of gossip can lead to something worse.  Something all of us in society do. We gossip. We just do not expect it to go wrong.



This is a new show, but it has grabbed my attention.  It is about people who don’t have exact proof, but they have their suspicions about who has been up to no good. What I find interesting about this show is how confident we are with our instincts. Some episodes the person who was suspicious about someone was right. However, there are episodes where the person is completely wrong! Which begs the question, should we trust our gut?  The stories are heartbreaking, and you can’t help but cheer when the person who trusted their instincts got it right and saved someone from the same fate their friends or family faced.

Web of Lies


I like to call Web of Lies catfishing gone wrong. There will be no Nev or Max banging on your door. The series covers what happens when people are taken advantage of on the internet.

I picked this show as a ‘must-see’ because of one episode I had watched recently about a 13-year-old girl named Megan Meier.  She had a tough life, battling depression, weight, and self-esteem issues.  She had friends, like the one down the block, but the friendships didn’t stick so she turned to the internet. Her parents were wary of her being online, but they watched carefully and made sure they knew what she was up to on MySpace.

One day a 16-year old boy named Josh Evans decided to friend her. That is when nothing would be the same again for Megan or her family.

I would like to ask you to check out the full story on the Megan Meier Foundation website. This organization is doing great work in promoting awareness and education on cyber bullying, physical bullying, and suicide. I highly encourage all of you to find the episode on the ID website and spread the word about the organization to others.

We may treat some internet interactions as a joke (Catfish. I’m looking at you), but the internet is a dangerous place, especially for children who don’t understand real life rules apply on the web as well.

It is fun to theorize and fanboy or girl out over those famous killers from various horror franchises. However, there is a lot of real life evil out in the world.  Many people are cruel, and we do not need any more people like that in the world. So, always try to be nice and have patience with people. Let us go forth and spread more positivity in the world.

Hope you enjoyed. See you next time.

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