The Ranch: Still Waters Run Deep

The Ranch is a show on Netflix that appears to be a typical sitcom.  It is about a son coming home to a hostile father, a brother who still acts like a teenager and a mother who appears to hate everything in her life. The son is no different. In his time away trying to become the next football superstar, he hasn’t grown much either.

It has a bro-like comedy and lots of drinking, swearing and stupid republican versus democrat jokes.  The typical sitcom tropes we have seen a million times before. However, underneath it all, The Ranch has much more going on.

You know that saying? Still waters run deep? That would be a good descriptor for The Ranch.

All the characters in the show have their sitcom tropes attached to them. However, as the episodes go on, there is a profound sadness that comes from each character.

Bo Bennett (the father) is stuck in his ways, and because of that, he is being left behind. He claims he wants to be alone and doesn’t care about his family but deep down he cares.

Rooster Bennett comes across as someone who only does the bare minimum and has a frat boy sense of humor.  However, there is a someone who takes pride in the ranch and knows what he is doing. He just wants to be recognized for his work.  He was the one who stayed with the family, and he never gets any recognition for that sacrifice.

Colt Bennett is the son who left because he saw something better for himself. He also couldn’t stand his father.  He still believes it is high school and wants to relive those glory days.  However, he learns how much his family has sacrificed for him to leave town. Ok, Colt doesn’t have much of an arc except he is slowly learning the power of family and staying in his hometown isn’t a death sentence.

Finally, Maggie Bennett who is the typical hard ass mother who loves her sons and tries to love her husband.  She started her own business, likes candles and lives in an airstream because she can’t handle her husband anymore. She just wants more than that. She wants to travel and learn about different cultures. She intends to take that airstream from behind the bar and leave.

These characters all joke and snipe at each other because underneath they all want something different for their lives.  Bo wants to connect with his family but doesn’t know how. Rooster wants recognition for his work on the ranch. Colt wants people to know that he is growing up. Maggie just wants adventure.

All these characters want something.  Their still waters run quite deep.

I sincerely hope we get more episodes so I can see if these characters not only get what they want but what they need.

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