Don’t Segment Me! (New-Adult Fiction)

That is a category I have just noticed as I looked for some new books to read on my Kindle. New-Adult fiction? What the hell does that mean?  Is it from people who are currently new adults? Which begs the question, when does one officially become an adult? Regardless, I clicked on the word and was presented with the standard fiction I have been reading for years or so I thought.

New-Adult fiction was coined by St. Martin’s Press in 2009. The genre is focused on that in-between period. The reader is not a kid anymore (YA) but not an adult either. People would call this the time between graduating high school and getting out of college. This genre would focus on issues that people go through in that in-between period. New relationships, college, figuring out sex and everything involved with it. An ABC news article called it, “smut fiction.” Harper Collins calls it a label for parents to know if the book will be acceptable for their child.

I’ve looked through the novels that are listed under this new category. A lot of them remind me of the books I was reading in my late teen’s early twenties. We used to call these books fiction or even worse, chick lit (I hate that term, but that is for another time).  Why the segmentation? Some think this was a marketing scheme and I can see that. Usually these themes of leaving childhood and entering that even more confusing time of adulthood was covered under fiction. Now we have this new category that has highlighted this weird time and put a special price on it. I have a problem with that. Let’s charge people more to read about a time they are currently living in.

Please, don’t segment me. I feel like after I get out of reading ‘young adult’ (which I still read from time to time) I was hoping I could just be left alone to find my way through the fiction aisles. Lost in time and space. Much like life after being a teenager. Don’t force me into a box because it helps market certain books.

I’ve noticed the category, and like a lot of publishing houses, I’m choosing to ignore it.  If your book is that great, I will find it. Sooner or later I do.

What do you think? Does this new category annoy you too or do you believe that it was needed? Tell me below!

Thanks for reading and until next time, have a great day.

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