This is Us: Over Advertised Hell

Welcome back!  The advertisements used to start near the end of the summer. It was the final warning that summer was ending and school was around the corner. Each new show would have 30 seconds (or less) to plead its case. Why we should take time out of our evenings to watch their particular show.

That was a long time ago. Now those new fall shows start advertising in May. They use social media marketing, behind the scenes videos, recognizable soap, and former teen stars. There is so much these shows do to make sure we watch.

To the point of exhaustion. That bothers me on so many levels.

I hate having a show be pushed onto me. This current fall season has a show called, This is Us. From the minute the show released its trailer the interest was intense. The powers that be knew this and went into advertising overdrive. Anywhere I looked I saw ads, interviews, twitter conversations, twitter advert cards, and YouTube ads littered across my laptop screen.  It was even more intense since I am a Young and Restless fan and one of its brighter stars is on the show. Extra promotion from all sides.

The more I see a show being pushed onto me, the less I like it. I start to think that something is wrong. Why else would NBC be pouring money into a show? I believe that it can’t be trusted. If the show is good, it should shine through its trailer. The more money pumped into the marketing machine, the less likely I am to check it out.

I like finding shows by accident. I like shows that run to a different beat. The shows with a unique premise and heart. Finding those shows are like finding a diamond in the dumpster behind the local Wendy’s. It is surprising and confusing, but you still want the rock. Same with shows that fall into your lap. I like to be surprised by a show. Not be spoiled in the thousands of advertising pieces given out from May to September.

As I write this, I had seen This is Us.  It wasn’t the best thing on earth (that is what Twitter is saying as I write this. Not kidding) but it wasn’t horrible. I’ve seen horrible. I’m giving it more time. The pilot is the foundation. I want to see the house they build on that foundation.


Regardless, did it deserve all the promotion it got? I can understand why NBC decided to promote this show the way they did. It’s a straight up drama which is rare on television today.  I will get more into this someday. I was spoiled for a ton of plot points because I’ve seen eight different versions of the trailer, which bugged me. Hell, at least the final twist was kept quiet which is shocking considering I heard the pilot was floating around the dark side of the internet for a while now.

What do you think? Does over advertising effect how you view a show or do you not notice the advertisements and watch whatever you want. Leave a comment below!

This has been randomly organized pop. See you on Thursday.

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