Worthy of Our Love or Not?

Welcome back! I am a big YouTube watcher. I enjoy watching reviews, vlogs, beauty tutorials and funny comedic sketches. (Click here to see some of my favorite Youtubers).  There is one YouTuber I love to watch. Todd in the Shadows.

One series he writes is called One Hit Wonderland. This series talks about artists that only had one hit and how they fit into pop culture history. It is an exciting series that has gotten me thinking.

There are so many television shows out there that were cancelled after one or two seasons. I have loved many shows that suffered that fate. Looking back, did these shows deserve a second chance or did they deserve to be cancelled and forgotten by their respective networks and audiences?

Thanks to Todd in the Shadows I will be adapting his idea to television shows.

Starting next Saturday, I will start looking at shows that didn’t have a long life on television.  What is their history? Did they deserve better? Could there be a revival? I will be exploring these questions and much more.

The first show on deck?

A cartoon that managed to maintain a fan base and become an enemy of Matt Groening’s, The Critic.


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