Guilty Pleasures (Everybody has a Few)

Welcome back! As I write this, I have just finished the television show Hotel. Don’t know that particular show? Apparently, no one else does either. Anytime I mention it outside of my house I am met with stares and confused looks. As I explain what the show was about, people give me that look. You know the look.

I see you judging me President Carter. 


Yeah. It is my guilty pleasure to watch old television shows. Especially shows that aren’t well known.

I usually apologize.

I have decided that I am going to stop apologizing for what I love. Even if what I love is insanely obscure.

I am not the only one. I have noticed all over the internet that people like to apologize for their guilty pleasures. We feel that we have to be embarrassed for liking a piece of media. If the majority does not like it, we must be embarrassed by it.

I refuse to do that anymore. I am going to be proud of the fact that I enjoy obscure television shows. I enjoy reading romance novels. I enjoy live-tweeting a soap opera.  I enjoy watching David Venable on QVC. Every so often I wonder over to Nick and Disney and watch their shows. Especially Girl Meets World.

I enjoy it so why should I hide that enjoyment from others? I have found that we do not have long on the earth. Why spend precious time apologizing for something that doesn’t hurt anyone?

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