Twitter: The Ultimate Water Cooler?

Welcome back! I’m an avid television watcher (obviously). I’ve been watching tv for as long as I can remember. I remember a time when I would tune in to look at a show at its scheduled time because VCR’s and blank tapes were expensive. If you missed a show, that was it. You might catch the episode in the summer, but usually, you were just out of luck. I also remember a time when the only way you talked about a show was with your friends or family after the episode aired.

There is a reason why the term “water cooler conversation” exists. People would gather at work to talk about that specific show. A show everyone is talking about like Melrose Place or Twin Peaks.

Since those days’ social media has become the norm. It has become the ultimate watercooler. A place to talk television with not only family, co-workers, and friends but with anyone around the world. Passing along theories or reactions at the speed of light (not really but you get what I mean). Yes, forums were the original place to do this before social media, but it wasn’t live. Reactions were measured. On social media, everyone’s first thoughts and reactions are on display.

I’ve heard talk that television, network television to be exact, is dying out. People are getting digital and want to watch and find shows on their own time. Is that a bad thing? Did social media ruin the television viewing experience or did it save television?

My opinion? Well. Like anything in life, it’s a double-edged sword. I love being on social media and commenting in real time during a television show. The theories being proven or destroyed, guesses about future events or just plain fun experiencing a plot twist no one saw coming. It is pretty fun. However, sometimes that social media experience ruins a television show. Sometimes people are cruel. People that don’t agree with you makes sure you know it. Conversations are too rabid and adverse and ruin a show you may have loved.

Social Media is the ultimate watercooler.  It is placed to talk, but it is also a place that can ruin a good television show. Will that change? I guess we need to keep watching and tweeting to find out.

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