Why Do I Write?


I’m someone who loves to write. I know I’m not alone. I see constant blogs, tweets, and Facebook posts on the subject. Millions upon millions try to complete Nanowrimo each November in hopes to get a novel finished.  Lots of people talk about writing. Which made me wonder.

Why do I write?

Good question.

I was a shy kid. I’m still shy but not to the extent of my childhood. I spent a lot of time living in my mind. I would come up with these characters and slowly let their lives unfold in my subconscious. I’d let these characters play in my mind not even thinking of writing down their adventures.

You can blame Harriet the Spy for that. I remember my mom taking me to the movie. I remember reading the book more times that I could count. I wanted to be Harriet. So much so my dad created a ‘spy belt’ for me. I got my first spiral notebook and started writing down everything I saw. I went from that to writing my opinions on what I saw. Then it grew from there.  Soon those characters that lived in my head finally made it out onto paper.

When I became a teenager, it went from straight up characters to emotions I was feeling. I felt like I could communicate better on paper than in person then. If I felt upset or alone, I would drive into my work. My characters would be going through the same things I was. I would work out my emotions the only way I could or felt I could. Through writing.

Now, I’ve grown. I know how to communicate (I even have a master’s degree in it) but I still hold onto my writing. Whenever I feel alone, or I need to get something out, I write. I write about television. I write about writing. I try to write anywhere and any place. It isn’t always easy. I’ve had nasty writers block. I’ve had problems getting past the idea of failure. I’ve felt my ideas sucked so hard Dracula said, ‘enough.’

No matter what happens in my life, I know I will always have emotions that I have to work out. That is why I write. I love it, and it is like therapy. Therapy that I hope to share with others someday.

I told you why I write. From one writer to another, why do you write?

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