Defending Glasses in the Modern Age


Welcome back! Do you have moments where you get so angry you can’t even reason correctly? I’ve had moments like that. Especially when it comes to certain tropes I come across in current television. There are a ton but this one trope is the one I truly hate with all my heart.

The Glasses Got to Go Trope.

Nothing makes me angrier than a show tells an audience that if someone (usually women) wears glasses they are nerdy, unlikable and ugly. As you can tell from my author photo, I wear glasses. I bet some of you out there are thinking I’m just sour about the concept. That I, myself, think that way about my glasses.

Not even close.

I got my glasses as a kid in elementary school. If anything, my glasses made me feel better. I could see the board. I could read without having the book pushed against my face. I could see what I was doing on the playground. It made ‘Tag’ a lot easier to play and I wasn’t such a target anymore. As time went on I started to think of my glasses as a part of me. Much like my birthmark on my stomach, my glasses were part of my identity.  Like a reverse Superman/Clark Kent. I became powerful when my glasses are put on, not off.

That is why I’m upset that this trope still appears in modern television and movies. Why is that? Why does Hollywood still think that people are stuck in the 80’s and that glasses are considered a limitation instead of an asset?

I think it is time for a hero/heroine to appear that wears glasses and is positive about them.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you have enjoyed.

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