What’s Wrong with a Happy Ending?


Welcome back! Let me tell you a story. Once on a time there was a television show that grabbed the attention of someone who was bored with television. It had a tough cop, a funny writer and adorable secondary characters. The story was fun and progressed naturally. Then one day, storms approached. Behind the scenes, the drama took over the shows press. Then the main character and secondary character left the show making the fans stand up and fight for the show….to be cancelled. What happened to the show?

Castle is a show that I have watched from day one to its slow death on May 16, 2016.  The showrunners had created one ending in case they were renewed and one if they were cancelled. When the day came, fans waited with baited breath, wondering what the ending was since the show was cancelled.  The time crept towards the 56-minute mark. Beckett and Castle made it home alive. Well, kind of. They both are shot. Then we get a time jump and they are ok with three kids.

Always is the last word of the series.

Fans sit confused.

Not only did the showrunners show the depressing cliffhanger ending but the happy ending made if the show was cancelled.

What was the point of that? You got me there.  The show knew, going into the last week, the show was done. They had time to switch out the endings and make it work. However, they decided to show the sad with the happy.

What is up with television relationship with doom and gloom? Why do storylines and characters on a lot of television shows focus on the doom and gloom of life? I hate to break this to television showrunners, writers, and producers. The world is a dark place. We are much more aware of the darkness thanks to social media. When I watch television, I want the world to fall away. I want to be transported away from my own problems too.

When I turn on the television now, I feel sad. Characters I love and adore are being tortured. Why is television, this season at least, so dark and depressing? Why do showrunners, networks and anyone else who participates in television, think viewers want to see this week after week?

What is wrong with a happy ending?

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you have enjoyed.

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