The Gilmore Girls Revival- Fan Dream or Nightmare?

Gilmore Girls (WB) Season 1, 2000-2001 Episode: Love and War and Snow Airdate: December 14, 2000 Shown from left: Alexis Bledel (as Rory Gilmore), Lauren Graham (as Lorelai Gilmore)

Welcome back! The past couple of weeks has been about the revival of shows from years past. Netflix and cable networks seem to realize that the nostalgia is strong with my generation. We are barely out of our twenties and we are feeling the sting of our former childhoods. Time to market to that nostalgia.

A lot of the nostalgic entities have grabbed my attention in a positive way. Let’s just say I really enjoyed Fuller House and I cannot wait for Hey Arnold to make an appearance on my television again. However, there are a few that have grabbed my attention in a negative way.

Gilmore Girls.

The show, coming to Netflix, will be four episodes checking up on the mother-daughter team and everyone they have encountered over the course of seven seasons. That is all we have gotten as fans of the show. Well, a cast list and pictures from an Entertainment Weekly. Other than that, that’s all we have gotten.

Everywhere I look people are excited about this new reveal. I feel left out in a way.  I’m not excited at all about the revival.

I think this stems from my hatred of the last two seasons. After Amy Sherman-Paladino left that bombshell of a finale (Christopher and Lorelai…NO) the show was never the same. The only thing making me hang on was Rory and Logan’s romance and that went to hell too.  I said my goodbyes to the characters and was ready to move on.

I don’t see the need for another season. That last episode finally started to put these characters on the right track.  Why do we need four more episodes that could disturb the peace? I understand that certain people want to see what the crazy townspeople are up to and how Emily is handling Richards passing.

I don’t think I want to see that. I just want to put the show behind me and move on. Pretend those weird last seasons don’t exist and just remember the good aspects of the show.

I’m happy people are excited for what the show could be.  I just don’t share or see the possibilities. I really hope these four episodes change my mind but I doubt it will.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

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