Pretty in Pink: Andie’s Choice


Welcome back to the randomness! As I walked the mall, as a seasoned Jersey girl does, I noticed more Pretty in Pink shirts than before. I know that John Hughes is still popular with the teen set but not the movie Pretty in Pink. That is near the end of John Hughes teen run and probably the one not replicated by current pop culture. The Breakfast Club or Sixteen Candles hold that honor.

Either way, all the Pretty in Pink merchandise confounded me. So, I went to my trusty iPhone (Zulu Queen of the Elves is her name) and went on a google search. Apparently it is the 30th Anniversary of the movie. Hence all the merchandise. Which lead me down another path that I always seem to trot down with no real force.

Did Andie make the right choice in the end?

Let me back up a bit. Pretty in Pink and I have an odd history. My first experience watching the movie came from my mom. She bought the movie for me and told me I would love the story. I was about twelve years old. I was tearing through teen movies like it was my job. I took the videotape (yes, videotape, I’m older than you realize people) and shoved it into the VCR with abandon. See, now, I have to read reviews and get a good feel for the movie before I hit the ‘play’ button on my AppleTV remote. The joys of being young and being able to jump into anything without worry.


I watched the film and found it enjoyable. It hit all the right notes for a pre-teen.  It had high school hierarchy drama, romance and the wish fulfillment every girl thinks about at that age. I even LOVED that she picked Andrew McCarthy at the end. I saw and I moved on. I didn’t really think about the movie till I saw it again when I turned eighteen.

At eighteen, I found the movie slow. I could think of many things wrong with the film. Mostly the high school drama and the love triangle. So much was no worth it and I felt like Andie should have ended up with Duckie even though I, myself, had a big crush on Andrew McCarthy (You can blame St. Elmos Fire for that).  It made sense. From what I saw in pop culture, the nerd should end up with girl…right?

Now, here I am at twenty-eight years old. I went back and rewatched the film again. This time, I did some research on the internet as well.  My initial thoughts had changed in my old age. A lot of the movie felt hollow to me. A lot of drama could have been avoided by having a conversation or just realizing, in the end, those ‘mean girls’ will not matter. Then again, when you are a teenager you can’t see past Friday nights.  The future holds so much that in the scheme of things, high school drama is a blip on the radar of life. Same can be said for romance in high school.

First, I loved Blaine. Then Duckie. What did I think of the romance in this viewing of the movie?

Who Should Andie Have Ended Up With?

The romance is temporary. Andie doesn’t have the best choices. In the end, I think Andie should have stayed single. I know that never happens in teen romances but it needed to happen in this situation. Blaine, while adorable and sweet, wasn’t man enough for her. Duckie, while a funny and great friend, had stalker qualities that were creepy. She needed to realize that all life decisions aren’t made when you are seventeen. It’s a process that keeps going till the day you die. She would have moved onto college and found a whole new set of people. High school issues and dramas would have been forgotten. Life moves on.


Now, my internet research gave me food for thought. Scary food for thought. Along with Duckie and Blaine, Steff (James Spader) is an option for people. Steff. The guy who treats Andie like dirt and is the worst type of human being. He is an option for a lot of people. I read threads and Tumblr posts on this new choice I never knew existed.

Two theories appear to me. One is the most obvious. The James Spader effect. James Spader has an electric effect on screen. It could be his inner confidence or his quiet handsomeness that could be confusing people. The other theory? In pop culture, we have started equating love/hate with true romance. I love the whole ‘hate than love’ trope. As long as there is respecting growing along with the love, I’m ok with that trope. However, in this case, there is no respect. These two characters, Steff, and Andie, hate each other and there is no respect from either one all through the movie. Steff just wanted her because he managed to get everyone into bed but her. She was a trophy.  I don’t see how Steff is even a choice and the fact that so many people see this character as a romantic choice are worrisome.

Since 1986, a lot has changed with teen romances and comedies. Pretty in Pink does still hold a place in many people’s hearts and should. It is a look into high school, teens, and romance in the 1980’s. It also shows that teenagers are idiots and as you get older things change. I like to look back but I rather keep looking forward to the future.

What do you think about Pretty in Pink? Come on over to my twitter to tell me or leave a comment below.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.


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