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Welcome back to the randomness!

I have this weird obsession with overthinking every little thing. I know, shocker. I have started becoming obsessed with sitting in Starbucks. Almost everyone does it at some point in their lives. They sit there with computers, notebooks, books or their cell phones. No one looks nervous (usually) but in their own worlds. They are there to get out or they have nowhere else to go.

I’m not like those people. I want to sit in Starbucks. I think being able to watch people interact or just sit there could be a good way to spend the afternoon. I also could get some work done instead of being distracted by the television or my own thoughts.

Is it normal, though? Is it normal to go sit in a Starbucks for a few hours to work? I’ve seen people do it but is it weird. Should I even care what others think of me? I assume as long as a buy a drink or a snack every hour I would be golden with the staff.

This sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Being obsessed with sitting in Starbucks and the societal pressures that go along with sitting in public.

Is writing in public considered bad now? Anytime I think about grabbing my notebook or computer to a Starbucks this particular scene from Family Guy pops into my head.


There is a great blog post called, Why So many People Write at Starbucks, that claims that sitting in Starbucks is a good  thing because it gives writers a new perspective. That coffee shop environment changes the way we work and write. While I agree I keep getting hung up on the public judgement of people that sit in a Starbucks.

What do you think? Tell me below or head on over to my twitter to tell me your thoughts.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

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