We are in Trouble Now: Classic Lifetime Movies

Welcome back to the randomness! Today we continue with Lifetime.

As I wrote in the previous week, I feel that the network for the lack of a better word sucks. It leads me to think about the times when the network was fun to watch. Especially the movies. It got me thinking of the movies I loved to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Some movies have stayed with me to this day. Here are my top three favorite Lifetime Movies! Let us begin:

Death of a Cheerleader (1994)  


This is a classic. For some reason back in the 90’s, there was an obsession with cheerleaders and the people who would kill to be a cheerleader. This movie is no different.  It does delve into the common topics of peer pressure, being accepted and teen bullying before it was cool. It brings up the importance of treating everyone with respect. It also has a mystery vibe (thought you know who did the murdering but it tries). I think this one is a favorite because of how campy it is. Sometimes you need a little camp in your movie. At least unintentional camp.

Fifteen and Pregnant (1998)


This movie has always been a favorite of mine. There is no real reason. I like to call it the original Teen Mom story.  I think I enjoy this story because it was straight forward. There were no easy answers. Each decision made by the main characters had consequences. It is a no thrills look at how having a child affects your whole life. I always thought this movie should have bene shown in health classes. Nothing scares teenagers more than the truth.

Sex and the Single Mom (2003)


This is one of the last movies I remember liking. After this, it becomes a slew of bad remakes or movies that cover events from television shows that may or may not have happened. Regardless, I liked this one because of how likable the characters were in the face of real issues. In a world where single parents are more common starting to fall in love again while parenting a teenager doing the same is hard. Much like Fifteen and Pregnant every choice has consequences. There are no easy answers. It feels like you are going through everything with the characters. The movie takes you on a ride. There is a sequel but it wasn’t as good as he original (shocker).

You can find these movies on YouTube or on Hulu. They are hard to find now but worth the search and watch. I hope that Lifetime goes through another transition. Maybe the powers that be will remember what made the network so popular in the first place. I can tell you it wasn’t reality shows. It was movies and television shows that reflected what women were going through and how they weren’t alone. Maybe sometime Lifetime will realize that and do better.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

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