Lifetime: What Happened?

Lifetime logo 1990s

Welcome back to the randomness!

As I sat a watched a dance teacher berate and destroy the confidence of an eight-year-old, I wondered what happened to the Lifetime Network (along with my life choices but that is for another post).

Lifetime: Television for Women has gone through so many changes. It’s current incarnation a solid knock-off of VH1. The network is full of reality shows that are exploitative and movies that are terribly put together (and they know it). You could say they are just playing to what their viewers want but are we sure cable networks need another VH1 or MTV type?

Growing up Lifetime stood for something much different. Sure they ran reruns of Moonlighting (OH. That blog post is coming soon) and endless Golden Girls episodes (best moments of my life) but they attempted to create television shows that focused on women and the issues they faced. At the time, it wasn’t that common to find strong women leads (kind of hard to find now too). The movies weren’t top of the line but you could tell they were trying to tell stories that were important.

Now the network likes to follow Tori Spelling while she cries every week. We watch Abby Lee Miller mentally abuse children and get paid millions for the honor. They create and promote movies they know are bad and they don’t care they are bad. They are playing the idea that it is fun to be bad.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick of Lifetime and a bunch of other networks downgrading their content to make the bottom feeders of the world happy. I do not mind being challenged by a good story. I like learning about new issues or seeing the other side of an issue being debated around the world.

What happened to Lifetime? Why do they downgrade themselves when they don’t have to do so? The place that declared themselves ‘Television for Women’ is setting a dangerous precedent. If they think the women, they represent should be superficial or dumb do they think the women they are advertising to should follow suit? Dangerous territory my friends.

What do you think? Tell me in the comments below or hit me up on my twitter (@AmandaJ718 FYI).

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

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