Screw Your Ex: Three Reasons to Watch Girlfriends Guide to Divorce

Welcome back to the randomness! I look a small break but we all need a break from randomness. Right?


Ok then.  As I wrote in the last entry, I was talking about Bravo and their foray into scripted drama. Along with Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, there was another show called Odd Mom Out.  I will be covering that show when it comes back to Bravo this coming Summer (hint: it is really funny).

We are talking about Girlfriends Guide in this entry. If you don’t know Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, which premiered in 2014), it follows Abby and her friends while they handle different points in their lives. Obviously, Abby and Jake are going through a divorce.  It is how she navigates dating, her children, her ex Jake and reviving her career post-divorce.

You are probably wondering why a show about 30-40 something going through a divorce would be interesting to a single, not really established, just graduated from graduate school 28-year old.

I will give you three reasons why I need everyone to watch this show. If you want to know more keep reading!

Real Characters

images (1)

As I wrote above the show’s center is the relationship between Abby and her best friends. You have Delia (the divorce lawyer), Phoebe (divorced model with no direction in her life), Layla (in a bitter divorce battle) and Jo (Abby’s friend who found out her ex-husband had another family in another state).  These people, on the surface, are superficial and a huge mess.

As the series goes on you find that they are layered. You may start out hating a character at first glance and end up loving them by the end of the season. They have flaws, they are funny, they are loyal to each other while trying to get through the day. These are characters are real. You understand them and want to root for them.

Phoebe and Delia are two characters that are my true favorites. Check out the show to see why.


download (2)

The characters feel real because of the writing. Since this show is only twelve episodes long the writers can take the time to work out plotlines. Since the writers have time everything feels organic. There are surprises but when you rewatch the season it all fits together. Nothing is randomly out of left field. The writing is witty and respects the characters as they go through their journeys.Fun

It is Fun (and Funny)


It is just a fun show. It has a lot of hard truths about starting over, funny moments that leave a mark and the characters constantly learn and grow from their mistakes. I’ve enjoyed seeing this happen over the course of two seasons.


I’m not sure there will be another season. Bravo doesn’t rush to renew their scripted shows (all two of them). However, even if the show isn’t renewed it is worth checking out on Netflix. Bravo may have problems but their scripted shows aren’t one of them

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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