Reading the Writing on the Wall: A Mini Rant

picture credit: Reading Corner


Welcome back! Happy almost St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure you are practicing by getting your green on and drinking some green beer as well (shhh…I won’t tell if you are doing some day drinking).

Speaking of drinking I was thinking about writing and reading.

YES. I know. Bad segue but come on, writers back in the day liked to drink. Ok, Ernest Hemingway liked to drink. I’m getting off topic here.

I recently watched a YouTube video (surprise) where two guys were just talking, and one said that he was kicked out of his creative writing class because he told the teacher he didn’t enjoy reading. The other guy argued that he would be a better writer because he wasn’t influenced by other styles of writing since he was a reader.

I wanted to consider what this person is saying. I wanted to see the other side but I cannot. I believe that reading is essential to becoming a good writer.

As someone who has enjoyed writing all her life, I took offense to this. I practically came out of the womb reading and writing. I enjoyed reading about people who were different from me. I learned a lot from reading beyond what was taught in school. Not only did reading open my eyes but also helped shape how I wrote.

Writing is one of the most calming activities I did as a child and as an adult. Learning to structure how I wrote came from all those books I had read. Yes, they teach you have to write in school but it is cut and dry. Academic. Fiction writing is a different animal. You need to learn how to throw out the rules to create a great story that you enjoy writing and reading yourself.

Understanding different types of writing styles has helped shape my own. To say that reading other styles make you a copycat is complete stupidity. Knowing and understanding how different styles work helps you realize what works and doesn’t work for your own writing.

I cannot understand how someone who enjoys writing doesn’t enjoy reading. I feel like the two go hand in hand.

What do you think? Leave me a comment below or leave a note on my Twitter.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

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