Cheese for You! Cheese for Me! Cheese For Everybody!

Welcome back random people! What is on my mind this week? Cheese. Gooey, sweet and bad for your cheese.


Um. Let me make myself clear.

By cheese, I mean cheesy television.  The type of television that consists of laugh tracks and cutesy children. Bright, cheerful sets and problems that are solved in 30 minutes or less. I’m talking about television we don’t see anymore.

I came to this conclusion as I watched the sequel to Full House, Fuller House. I was cringing at all the catchphrases I adored in my youth being thrown at me with abandon. I rolled my eyes at the new children with their cute smiles and new slogans. I see former child stars coming back for the paycheck. I let all that wash over me and came to a realization.

Why am I cringing? Why is this bad? Yes, it is cheesy. It is so hopeful and family friendly it will make you want to barf out rainbows.

I’m ok with that. I am giving the ok to be ok with cheesy television again. As I watch this show that just had three group hugs in one episode, I’m happy. For once I am ending an episode of a show feeling happy.

Current television is dark. I looked closely at my top five favorite shows, and they are all very dark. Lots of blood. Lots of deception. People aren’t easy to care about. Everyone is a mess, and that is fine. Life isn’t easy. However, why can’t we interrupt that darkness with some casual and light family fare? I know life sucks. Why can’t I disappear into television for 30 minutes and be happy?

Why did we decide that wasn’t something we wanted anymore? The news itself is dark. Fictional television doesn’t have to follow suit.

So, I watch Fuller House un-ironically. I fully embrace the cheese factor. I fully embrace forgetting my problems for 30 minutes. Bring on the laugh tracks, bad catchphrases, and cute kiddies and puppies.

I am ready. Are you?

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

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