When Reality Shows are too Fake

image from Juicy Santos



Welcome back! Recently I have been spending a lot of time watching different apps on my Apple TV device. Ok, mostly the YouTube app. I’ve been spending a ton of time on YouTube.

I’m admitting it here and now. I’m a YouTube addict.

(Hi Amanda…)

If you don’t know, YouTube isn’t just a place to watch crazy cat or baby videos. It is now a place that holds new storytelling techniques, tutorials, reviews and new reality shows.  It is like a new world out there. As I watched a ‘vlog’ of a makeup artist, I started wondering to myself.

Why do I care about this person’s life? Why do I care what she does with her time?

I have talked about YouTube being the new television but are vlogs the new reality show? Why do we care about people and what they do in their lives when they aren’t filming what they are filming?

Voyeurism comes to mind. That is why reality shows have become so big. We like to look into other people’s world and compare them to our own. We also like to watch these shows to see how the ‘other side’ lives or the 1% lives. A goal we all would like to attain but will never see so we watch them play on television. Same can be said for the internet celebrities or as I call it baby reality. I know these people do the same things as me (generally. I don’t go to LA at a moment’s notice but I might someday), but I want to watch them handle the same issues. Maybe it is comforting to know that I’m not the only way struggling with the same questions in my life.

Another thought comes to mind. Maybe we enjoy seeing this new kind of celebrity and how they actually live.  It is no different from MTV’s Cribs or E! News. We want to know more about people who give us so much entertainment. We want to get closer. We need that human connection. Even with stars that only appear on the internet.

So, the final assessment? Why do we watch vlogs or behind the scenes videos of these new type of reality star?

The human connection. When reality television gets too fake, we turn to the internet to find our connection.

Hope you enjoyed this randomness. Please check out other posts and chat with me on Twitter. I don’t bite unless asked.

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