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Welcome back! Now that you have a primer on what a k-drama is, it is time to check out some of my favorite Korean drama romances. There are many shows to pick from. I bet if you went to DramaFever or Viki you felt overwhelmed by the number of shows to pick from. Thank god, you found this blog post. Not only are these starter dramas but they are some of the best out there.

So, here are my top three favorite romantic k-drama shows.

Coffee Prince (2007)


Coffee Prince was the first k-drama I remember watching. It has a very firm place in my heart. It is dated now (even for American standards) but still has a funny and romantic premise that still resonates today.

It is about women posing as a man to get work at an all-male coffee house. She ends up falling for the boss, a young mogul. He starts to have feelings too that make him question his sexuality. While they figure out where they stand the other members of the coffee house deal with their issues.

This show is a classic because of the cast chemistry. If you have not figured it out now. If you have chemistry, it will work out. At least for me. This drama talks about different lifestyles without talking down to the audience. The characters work well as a group and even have a winning squad going by the end of the drama. What is even better about this drama? Every character gets to grow and changes to become a better person.  I’m a huge fan of character growth. A lot of media tends to let that go to fit a storyline. This drama doesn’t.


The Master’s Sun (2013)


This is a Hong Sisters drama. What that means to you is, check out their work, they are fabulous writers. They understand how romantic comedies work and why audiences continuously go back to the genre. Anyway, this drama will always be the top of my list for the leads chemistry (I was seriously expecting them to announce they were dating in real life) and the original story. It is worth the watch.


It is about Joo Joong-won, who is a CEO with issues reading and Tae Gong-shil who can see ghosts after her coma. For some reason whenever she touches Joong-won the ghosts go away. Now she is won’t leave him alone. They end up trying to figure out why they are connected and deal with all the ghosts (good and bad) along the way.  There is a lot more to this story, but I don’t want to ruin it.

This is a great romantic story because the two characters are bound to each other. They are soulmates. Sure, they both fight each other on that fact and have other people to get past, but they are soulmates. They start in one dark place to end up in the light. The two leads have insane chemistry with each other. It is almost like they have known each other for years. When they are apart in the drama, you feel the loss. That is good acting.

The plot is fun. A different ghost each episode with a few that stick around (Coffee Teen Ghost for the win!).  It makes you wonder what you would do with this particular skill. If you could talk to ghosts, would you?

gif from


My Love From Another Star (2013-2014)

My Love From Another Star

This drama was a huge international hit. It is even being remade for ABC7.  So, you better watch the original before us American’s ruin the story. This show is incredible. The story is original. The actors are believable. The characters are well written. You are going to marathon this show. This is one drama I will go back and watch multiple times; it is that good.

The plot follows Do Min-joon, an alien who gets left behind by accident in the Joseon Dynasty. 400 years later he runs into a seemingly vapid actress named Cheon Song-yi. They have a connection that changes how he feels about possibly going home.

That plot description is so general. A lot happens in this drama. It covers how far the world has come in 400 years. It forces the audience to look past labels and see the person for who they are. The leads, who have worked together before, have a natural chemistry together (ah..that word again…chemistry).  Since the show has a strong cast and story, it sucks you in. It is like being on a rollercoaster you never want to get off of. You care so much about these characters you never want to leave them. Let’s just say, when these characters kiss you just fall in love.

Even better? The villain in this drama is an actual villain. Not an, ‘I’m just going to leave things out to confuse the main characters’ type of villain. Oh no. He is a murderous villain. Not just to be murderous either. It relates to the plot. That is exciting since a lot of shows (American included) only do that for shock value. NO, it relates to the plot. High fives all around!


There are so many great Korean dramasout there. You have just to discover them yourselves. However, you can start with these three and wet your k-drama whistle.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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