Korean Dramas and Me: An Introduction

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Welcome back to the Valentine’s Day Month. I understand that sounds weird and Valentine’s Day is over but just go with it. I am trying something out.


Let us move on.

When I was in college, I was bored with what was on television. I found myself looking back on older television, but that did not keep my attention for long. I started looking for other types of television. Something I have not seen before. That was when I noticed people talking about this television show on this forum.

Coffee Shop Prince. I have never heard of it before. I started investigating. Easier than thinking about classes.  That is when I came into the world of Korean drama. I have never seen anything like it before. The shows had many of the same premises. Mostly because no matter what or where you write, the tropes are the same.

What was different was where things were set. What social values were upheld? What the norms of this society were. That was fascinating. Learning about another culture was interesting to me. So began my foray into Korean television shows.

These television shows are getting more and more popular, but there was a time when I had to take other measures to feed my addiction. I will not go into it but the kids today got it easy. Everything (generally) is on Hulu now.

Let me stop here. Korean dramas or k-dramas are made by South Korea (obviously) and broadcasted on their networks. Like American television, most television shows started out as radio before jumping to the television screen and developing from there.

What is different about the k-drama process is how their television shows are made. There is one writer. One director. There are 16 to 20 (depending on popularity), and that is it. Unless it is a colossal hit, you are only going to see the characters in this story for 16 to 20 episodes.  I will not lie. I kind of like that idea. It has to be rough on the writer, the director well, everyone involved in the production but, at least, things will have a good flow. Everything is controlled, and the style of the show and the words will not change.

There is a distinct style. Sort of like how you know when Aaron Sorkin or Carmon Crowe are writing a movie. You know a particular style, and that is what Korean dramas have. A distinct style.

Since that day, I went looking for that drama I always make sure I keep up with the recent shows.

With each new technology advancement and more people my age and younger willing to look beyond what is offered to us as entertainment, I can see Korean dramas getting bigger and bigger. Especially since American television is starting to take notice and adapting a bunch of my favorite shows so I must not be off the mark.

Korean dramas are an interesting world. I do not always understand it, but I try.

Where am I going with this little story time? I mostly watch their romantic dramedies.  They are so much fun, and they have a much different style than the American dramedies that I hold dear.

Tomorrow I will go over the starter kit to Korean romantic comedies.  Why they are worth the look and the respect, I think these dramas deserve.

Until then, the randomness and story time has ended. I hope you enjoyed.

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