Rebel Yell: The Anti-Valentine’s Day Blog


Welcome back! It is officially Valentine’s Day month (just let it happen). I see Hallmark is starting their Valentine’s romantic movie marathons. Romantic comedies are playing everywhere. The hearts, candy, and cards are showing up everywhere.  What am I feeling?

Eh. Not much.

That is what usually happens with me. I start to roll my eyes. I grumble about love being based on Hallmark card sales. I mumble that the Hallmark movies suck. I begin to get louder and make faces at the hearts on my Starbucks cup. I start to make rude noises at the hearts populating the local diner table at lunch.

You see where I am going with this. I have started out excited about Valentine’s Day but slowly become more disinterested to downright irritated by the prospect of Valentine’s Day. The real question is why does this holiday bring these thoughts into my head?

Some might say that it is because I do not have a significant other. True. I do not. However, I never let that that define me as a person. Stop rolling your eyes and telling me I sound like a bad chick lit novel. It is true. I saw my friends, family and acquaintances hate Valentine’s Day as much as me. Mostly because of the responsibility, Valentine’s Day comes with. You are ‘required’ to get the cards, the chocolates, the flowers, the romantic date, the exciting activity, the ring and the proposal.  There are a lot of expectations that come with Valentine’s Day (In my opinion? Valentines Day seems like the worst day to propose. Not special at all).

Some might say that the older I get, the more cynical I get. Some truth to that. The older I get, the more I question those commonly held feelings society has towards love. What is expected of us as we get older? It is anticipated that we find someone. Get married. Buy a house. Have children. All done before we hit our 30’s. I have found that a lot of that is complete BS. Some people do follow that schedule, and that is great. Going to quote the great Amy Poehler, “Good for you but not for me”. I have found that following that preconceived schedule is complete BS. Too bad this time of year everyone is talking about following that plan. It annoys me mostly because what works for one does not work for another.

There are many reasons why I could hate Valentine’s Day.  Do you want to know why I get anti valentine’s day?

Oversaturation. Yes. I’m sick of the oversaturation of Valentine’s Day in the media, retail and my general life. Some of you might be thinking I am a hypocrite. I’m spending a whole month on Valentine’s Day. Aren’t I adding to the oversaturation? No. I am not. This month is going to be based around my ideas of romance and even an international look at love (excited for that week!).  What drives me insane is how every year the same crap shows up in stores and on television. Hearts and candy hearts are everywhere. Nickolas Sparks makes his money this time of year (someone needs to stop him).  All the television movies are the same. Everyone must find their soulmate during this time of year. Why? Every year that is what Hallmark tells me. OH, they should be cowboys or business moguls.

What is wrong with just giving someone you appreciate and adore something nice and leave it at that. I have nothing against romance. I love the idea of having someone to talk to or share your life with. That is not a problem. It is all the pressure society puts on us to follow that simple guide that does not apply in real life. Why on that day do you shower your loved ones with gifts? Why not do that on a random day in July? Why has a specific day to give these flowers out? Why do schools have to push valentine’s day onto its students whos ideas on romance aren’t fully developed yet?


Obviously, I have a lot of issues with this holiday. What do you think? Are you ok with the holiday or do you share a few of my uh, concerns, with Valentine’s Day?

Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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