New Years Resolutions: TV Junkie Style


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Welcome back! It is officially that time of year everything is brand new. Not only is it a new year but a new set of possibilities. To help reach those possibilities we make resolutions. Resolutions to keep us on track. Something to help us make the most out of the New Year.

Oh please. Like any of the above is true.

Sure. It is a new year. New possibilities. However, resolutions are as useful as ice on a road. You start out feeling confident just to slip and feel sorry for it.

That does not stop us from making them, though. Therefore, here are my New Year’s resolutions…for social media. I will more than likely break them instantly. I blame the Kardashians.

Resolution #1: Will Not Subtweet Hate

I have a tendency to make passive aggressive comments about a television show or actors on a television show. It is not nice, and I would not want people to do that to me.

Resolution #2: Will not Mock Television Writers on Twitter

Kind of like the first one. This applies more to soap opera writers. I am on a break, but I watch Young and the Restless at some point I will say I can write better than these people can. I do not know how complicated the process is or what had happened from outline to screen. However, seriously Young and Restless. You need to step up your game. You have managed to piss off my grandma who has been watching from the start. That is a genuine talent there.

(Damnit. I already broke the first resolution…in blog form)

Resolution #3: Will Not Get Sucked in By Tumblr Drama

I think everyone has had this happen to him or her. An actor says something stupid or a show plot is controversial, and Tumblr reacts…usually dramatically and in numbers. I’ve been caught up in a lot of dramas that ultimately does not matter.

Here is a thought. Let people like or give an opinion, and you can agree to disagree. Sometimes people will never agree. However, we can learn to be civil and learn to stay in our fandom corners.

Resolution #4: Don’t Be Afraid of Reality Television Love

I am admitting something here. I LOVE reality television. I understand a lot of it is set up. I know that editing has changed people’s actions. I understand how junky it is.

I still love it. However, in social media world it is not cool to like reality shows. I usually tweet or Tumblr ironically about reality shows while secretly enjoying them.

Not anymore. I will be loud and proud with my love for reality shows. Excluding that comment in the opening paragraph of this entry. It is not January 1st yet people!
In reality (ha), it is ok to love something that isn’t considered smart. Sometimes everyone needs a guilty pleasure. That is one of mine.


I have so many personal resolutions, but those are my top resolutions for social media/pop culture discourse. I think one thing we all can resolve to do?

Be nicer to each other.

Happy New Year and I hope you can follow through on all your resolutions in 2016!

Until next time, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

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