Merry Christmas and Happy Movie Watching!

Welcome back! It is Christmas Eve. I am not going to lie. I’m writing this a month early. I am not sure how anyone is feeling or what is happening around us. All I know is on this day I am usually cleaning the house, helping cook Christmas Eve dinner and watching some of my favorite Christmas movies. So, I decided to talk about three of my favorite films. Also, guess what? They aren’t Hallmark related! High fives all around people! Anyway, let us begin!

White Christmas(1954)


This one is a given. I LOVE this movie. I LOVE the musical that I got to see in New York one year. I love the idea of the film, the songs, and the sets. The idea that Christmas isn’t about making money or worrying about your problems. It is a good time to remember that other people are having a hard time too. Some have it worse off. Sometimes being nice goes a long way.

I wish I could see this movie on the big screen than the television screen. I can imagine all those song and dance numbers would be fantastic on a bigger screen. I love how bright everything is in this movie too. It is magical looking. It is hard to explain why I feel this way about this film. I just enjoy the plot (even though it has been done to death), and I enjoy how it makes me feel. It is like the ultimate Christmas comfort movie. It never fails to make me smile even when I feel like I can never be happy again.

  Remember the Night(1940)


Not too many people know about this Christmas story. Mostly because it is not marketed as a Christmas tale. This movie has Fred MacMurray (of My Three Sons Fame) and Barbra Stanwyck (if you don’t know her…get out) playing a district attorney and criminal spending Christmas at his family’s farm and falling in love. To delve deeper, Stanwick as the thief goes with MacMurray, the district attorney, to his family Christmas because her trial was postponed. Not wanting her to spend Christmas in jail he takes responsibility for her and brings her home for Christmas. The two start to fall for each other making it much harder to bring her back for her trial. I’m trying not to give anything away, but you have heard this tale before. It is not an original story (Lifetime and ABC Family have done this plot many times) but it is not about the plot for me.

It is about the chemistry between the two leads. They go from complete disdain for each other to true love, and you buy that journey. The two leads have this incredible chemistry that sells the story. Also, the funny family living on his farm gives some nice comic relief to a story that gets pretty sad.  I will not lie to you; this is not a happy Christmas movie. Back in the day, movies didn’t shy away from the unpopular ending.  One thing Lifetime managed to fix in their version. Even if this movie breaks my heart, I watch it every year to enjoy the leads chemistry, and I secretly hope the movie changes their ending. Randomly. I know. I’m a nerd.

A Christmas Story (1983)


Yes. I know everyone has seen this movie more times than they can count. For as long as I could remember TBS has been running the 24-hour marathon of A Christmas Story. I remember having it on as background noise on Christmas day. I remember watching it carefully. I remember not caring it was on. Either way, it is a big part of Christmas for me. This is the final Christmas movie I watch. Yes, we do have that week before new year’s and people still watch Christmas movies through that week but to me, this movie’s marathon is the final hurrah.

I have watched this movie as a kid. I watched as a teenager and as an adult. My opinions have changed about this film as I have grown up. I sided with Ralphie and his quest for the perfect toy as a kid. I couldn’t stand anyone of them when I was a teenager. Finding both sides annoying. Then as an adult I find myself understanding what the parents are going through during the movie, and I know and love Ralphie’s journey.

That is why I love this movie. It is generational. The meaning of the film can change depending on who is watching. One thing I think everyone can agree on is that it is a fun portrait of a family trying to get through another Christmas season. It never ages because all families still go through the same highs and lows this family does. Except we have more technology now. I can see Ralphie setting his parents ‘home screen’ to show the gun every time they logged on (instead of the magazine on the bed).

I love this movie because it has been part of my life, and I appreciate its impact on my Christmas Eve and morning.

These movies are my favorites (not my complete list but you can’t sit here all day). I can’t imagine Christmas without them on television or in my DVD player. Everyone has a favorite holiday film, and I like to think that those holiday films can make the season even brighter than anyone expected. I hope you have a great Christmas Eve, or if you don’t celebrate, I hope you have a great night.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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