My Top Three Christmas Traditions

Welcome back! Tradition. I spent a long time talking about the importance of them especially during the holiday season. Traditions bring us closer to our families and are something we can look forward to when the holidays become too much for us to handle.

Here are three of my favorite traditions during this holiday season.

Not my house but close 

My family is the real life Griswold’s. I am not kidding. Well, except my dad knows what he is doing. Since I was a little kid, Christmas lights were a huge part of my life. Started when my grandfather put four of those soldiers blow molds. After my mom had met my dad, that is when the extreme Christmas lights started.

It started small. Lining our little townhouse with white lights. Blow mold soldiers were outlining the lawn. Then grew to a bigger house that has become a destination in town. There are three houses on the house tour. You think I am kidding? One Christmas Eve a bus showed up at our house. A bus full of nuns. They were awesome sisters who loved Christmas lights.

Anyway, there is something about Christmas lights. I like how it brought together the whole neighborhood. I liked how it made our quiet suburban street into some bright and cheery. I like seeing the kids in the neighborhood stare at the lights in wonder.

No matter how old I get, I will always love Christmas lights.

Here is a version of our house in 2012. Ignore me yelling over the music. I have no chill.

Christmas Light Show (2012)

Baking Cookies


If you know my mom, she isn’t the best cook. She loves to call for takeout or make reservations. However, when it comes to Christmas. She becomes one of the best cookie makers around. For two days in December, my mom and I would go on a cookie making frenzy. It is fun, frustrating and we gain a lot of weight eating cookie dough.

Even if the cookies come out horrible. Even if we end up eating a good amount of the cookies as we go. I still look forward to this tradition. It is a way make the house smell awesome for a day or two, and it is a way for me to bond with my mom. Yes, we are close but during the holiday season things usually get tense. Being able to listen to music, cook and eat some cookies together makes the holidays a lot more fun.

Television Specials/Music  


Being the pop culture nerd that I am, I always look forward to the television specials and Christmas music extravaganza. It is tradition to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas. It is a tradition (generally new tradition) to watch Michael Buble sing classics with the Muppets every year. I love that there are baking specials and merriment on television for a whole month. I do not know if any of you noticed, but network television shows (in general) have gotten dark lately. To the point where I have been burned out from all the sadness. For one month, television gets a little brighter. I truly enjoy seeing that happen every year.

We all have our traditions. Things that warm the heart. Things we look forward too. I cannot wait to enjoy these traditions of mine, and I hope you enjoy all of your traditions this holiday season.

Until next time, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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