How Spoiled Am I: My Favorite Toys

Toys. Toys are a big part of our childhood. Obviously. Some toys left a mark on us in a positive way and an even greater mark on our parents (sorry mom and dad! Mostly sorry to your wallets). I was looking for the next ‘big toy’ and couldn’t find any. However, I remembered some of my favorite toys that left a big mark on Christmas Day. Here are my top three favorite Toys!

Tickle Me Elmo


Tickle Me Elmo was the toy when I was in the fourth grade. I have an adamant memory of waiting in line to leave school and everyone talking about it. I stood in that concrete hallway wondering if I would get an Elmo too.

I don’t understand why that damn toy was so popular. I look at it now with its 101 phrases and find it so creepy. However, that was the first toy I remember wanting more than life itself. I did get one that Christmas and I remember loving it with all my heart. For a few months. Then I moved on to another toy.

My Size Barbie


There is a funny story about this particular toy. Every year around this time my family likes to tell it.

Apparently this was the ONLY toy I wanted that year. I would die without it. Which made things worse because my parents couldn’t find My Size Barbie anywhere. All they could do is put their names on many waiting lists. Once Christmas Eve showed up and there were no calls about My Size Barbie, my parents decided this was a moment to teach me that you don’t get everything in life. They put me to bed and got the presents out.

Then they got a call.

A toy store got a last minute shipment of My Size Barbie’s. If they managed to get there in a half an hour, they would get one. If not they were going to the next person. So, with that, my parents flew out of the house. Both in their nightclothes. Screw life lessons. They were getting that damn Barbie. They had to call my grandma to get over to the house just in case I woke up. They got there with ten minutes to spare. Got the Barbie. Wrapped it and placed it front and center under the tree.

That morning I opened the present, and  my parents said I let out the loudest scream and couldn’t stop jumping around. I was the happiest child that day. I had to play instantly with it. Making that toy the best toy of the year.

I remember that toy. It was pretty awesome. Too bad I treated it like all my other Barbie’s. Within a month, it was naked hanging out on the floor. My dad annoyed that after the drama I got bored with it within a month. Finding it creepy to see a naked Barbie in my room at all times. They ended up donating that toy, but I remember it fondly as do my parents but for different reasons.



You thought the Barbie story was bad, wait until you hear the Furby one. I am sure you remember the Furby craze. Everyone needed to have this electronic gremlin. It was the biggest toy that year. I was exempt for wanting it. I wanted this Furby. My mom already told me that it was going to be hard to get one and that I might have to wait until the craze died down a bit. I was prepared for that to happen.

Christmas morning comes. I anxiously open each present, slowly understanding that I more than likely did not get a Furby. The last box came, and I noticed my dad was grabbing the camera. Why would he do that?

I opened the box carefully, and I could feel my whole body start to tingle.

A Furby was inside. I screamed and ran to call my best friend who had gotten a Furby as well.

Cut to my grandparents house. I opened presents there too. There were five boxes. I was distracted because I wanted to play with the Furby, but I opened them to make my grandparents happy. I opened each box so fast I didn’t notice that there was a familiar present inside.

Another Furby.

Let me say. I screamed. Hugged the wrong person and screamed again.

That my friends is a story about how spoiled I was as a child. Apparently my whole family was on the hunt for a Furby. Some wires got crossed, and I ended up with two.

I may have some hang-ups about my childhood, but I knew how much my family wanted me to be happy. I never forget that.

I loved these damn Furbies because they were a fun toy. They interacted with you, and I managed to be interested in it for a good year and a half. The My Size Barbie must be disappointed about that.

Those toys made Christmas a little more special. Sort of like how video game systems and cell phones make kids years too. Since I was a teenager, there hasn’t been a “Toy of the Year”. I wish we could bring that back. I wish kids got more excited about toys they can play with not only inside but outside too!

Until next time, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed!

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