Presents Galore!


Welcome back! Tis the season for overbuying my random friends.  I make fun of this, but I am not immune. Before I sat down to write this entry I was Christmas shopping for my parents (they do not read this…I hope they do not read this. I am sorry Mom! Your daughter is a nerd).  While this is the time of year to hang out with family and take stock of the year, it is also the time of year that we buy up a storm and worry about the credit card bill in January.

I have noticed that ads have been playing earlier and earlier for Christmas shopping. Especially the new Toys R Us ads.

Clone – Toys R Us

(I would have just embedded the video but that costs money now. Boo.)

I have many fond memories of wishing for that one toy. That one particular toy that populated my thoughts. The toy that I saw everywhere.

I wonder if kids still do this.

The last time I was in a toy store all I saw were toys that were electronic. The Toys R Us by me had more computers than Barbie’s. I understand that technology is the best thing ever (I have my tech toys that I adore) but I’m also 28 years old. When I was a kid, my idea of a good present was something that I could physically touch. No, I don’t mean a computer screen.

Right now, you are all laughing or pointing. You probably think I am the type that yells at kids to get off my lawn. I am just worried that kids are spending too much time wanting technology for Christmas. Some of my greatest memories were running around outside. Riding a new bike or rollerblading around the neighborhood. I loved getting new Barbie’s that I could add to the ever-growing soap opera I had created in my head. Even then, I was writing just in my mind.

I wish for a time where kids, while using technology, still run outside to play with their new Hot Wheels or Scooter. It is fine to love technology, but sometimes you need those toys that get your imagination going or at least get you off the couch.

What am I getting at here? Well, I will be going through my memories tomorrow and talking about the toys that got my imagination going as a kid.

Until then the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed!

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