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Welcome back! Welcome to December! It is the month where everyone goes nuts. Ok, let us not kid ourselves. We have been celebrating the holiday season since the final notes of the Halloween theme finished at 11:59 pm on October 31st. With every horrible news story that flashes onto the television, we cram ourselves deeper and deeper into our holiday happy place.

That is what this blog will try to be this December. A place for people to enjoy and let go of some worries for a few minutes. I was going to have a regular month of randomness, but I decided, last minute, I needed to talk about the holiday season…in my way.

Whenever I think of the holiday season (I am saying holiday because Christmas isn’t the only holiday in December) I think of warm memories of toys, activities and being able to spend time with my family taking stock of the year. I have fond memories of all the television specials and holiday movies that are not Hallmark related. I also have memories of family fights, wondering if I could afford to get nice presents for everyone and general stress that the end of the year can provide.

I am focusing on the happy memories, obviously.

So, this month will be full of all the memories that come back up this time of year. I hope as I talk about my memories some memories will come up in your minds. Maybe make you smile. Maybe make you forget about the chaos our world has been thrown into.

So, stick around for tomorrow’s entry. I start my ride down memory lane with the television episodes that I need to watch every year or else it does not feel like Christmas.

With that, the randomness has ended for today. I hope you enjoyed my little introduction and will stick around to go through some holiday memories with me.

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