What Would Jane Austen Do?

Welcome back to the randomness! What is on my mind this week?

Sequels. Just sequels.

Well. Jane Austen sequels.  I have a small obsession with Jane Austen. I am not the only one either. If we look around, you can find so many different adaptations, sequels, films, miniseries, and fanfiction out there for all of Jane Austen’s works. Pride and Prejudice obviously being the most prominent.

Why do we need sequels? Is it a bad idea to continue the story without any of the authors input? Shouldn’t we call these types of stories other interruptions? Are we sure, this is what Jane Austen wanted?

Could I ask any more questions?

Yes. Yes, I can. I will not here, though.

I have not read a few Jane Austen sequels in a while, but I remember a few I’ve read. Mostly Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife by Linda Berdoll, is what comes to mind for me. I do not necessary remember the plot, but I remember the feeling I got when reading that sequel. It was fanfiction at best. It was a fun but very polarizing book. If you look it up on Good Reads, the reviews are split. Some found it a fun sequel while others found it insulting and are very protective of the characters.

Protective of the characters. Interesting idea. As someone who likes to write, ok, loves to write, I wonder how I would feel about people taking my characters into new directions. I am very protective of the characters I have written in the past, and these characters have never been experienced by anyone but myself.  Would I be ok with people taking my characters into new situations without my evolvement? I guess that question is the question. A question that can’t be answered easily.

Jane Austen and Sequels: My Opinion

Focusing on Darcy and Elizabeth, (they are Jane Austen’s most famous couple) people get very protective and if they do not like where an author has taken them they invoke Jane Austen and claim she is rolling in her grave.

I’ve been obsessed with Jane Austen since I was a kid reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time as a freshman in high school. I’ve read into her life and read many different takes on how she would feel about modern culture. I’m convinced that Jane Austen would have been fascinated by all hysteria about her and her work. Just like, she would have been a Tumblr user and maybe participated in Nanowrimo and done an ‘ok’ job. (Let me have this people…its my personal head cannon about Jane Austen).  She never came across pompous (except in the matters of love)  but always challenging the status quo. Writing those sequels and questioning where the characters stand would have made her very happy.

That is why Jane Austen type sequels do not bother me that much. It has been a long time, and I doubt these sequels that are coming out are the first. I bet you many novice writers have used Jane Austen’s characters as a starting out point. People are just being paid now for using those characters (more thoughts on that in my last blog).

I have come across many sequels, but one have grabbed my attention in a good way. In another Jane Austen blog, I write that I haven’t seen Death Comes to Pemberley yet. Well, that has changed, and I have a lot of thoughts on this movie sequel. Stick around for tomorrow’s blog as I talk about Death Comes to Pemberley (now available on Netflix).

For now, the randomness has ended. I hope you have enjoyed!

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