Nanowrimo and Writing: A Little Rant of Inspiration


Welcome back to the randomness! This week I have a lot on my mind about writing. I have always enjoyed writing since I was little. Nothing made me happier than to have some free time in school to finish writing my original fiction or even some fanfiction (You will never find it. It was has been deleted off the internet…insert evil laugh here).  Oddly enough, English was not my favorite subject in school (that was lunch and study hall. I was not the happiest middle/high schooler).

Anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Back in the day, (you know…the dark ages), I used to write for fun with a notebook with my ineligible handwriting. Sometimes a novel would develop, or I would just end up writing mini stories with the most random of characters. Back then I had no clue about this unique program that was about to enter my life.

Nanowrimo or National Novel Writing Month.

For those who are still not aware of what a Nanowrimo is, here is a brief overview:

One Month.

50,000 words.


Every November, amateur and professional writers come together and try to write a whole book in one month. Forget about self-editing. Forget about closing plot holes. Do not worry if you change a character’s name in the middle of the book. November is Nanowrimo. Forget all common sense!

To be completely serious, Nanowrimo is a 501© (3) nonprofit that supports The Young Writers Program that sponsors creative writing to schools and developing writing fluency. It started as a fun thing to do with friends and others on the internet to a full-blown charity that not only helps support the arts but also tries to encourage creativity in the young and the young at heart.

It has become very popular on the internet, even encouraging people who never thought they could write, to write a novel. You may not finish, but it is an interesting experience.

Again, what am I getting at?

Sometimes I come across comments or articles on the internet that throw me off. Articles that have nothing but mean things to say to people who are considering participating in Nanowrimo. In fact, I even saw an article that decided there is a difference between an author and writer. (That is for another blog. I have a lot to say about that. Mostly starting with ‘Pretentious much?’)

This is why I am babbling about Nanowrimo. I want someone who is considering participating in Nanowrimo to hear this. I want someone who has trouble getting on a writing schedule to hear this. I want someone who has never written because they think or keep hearing from others that they cannot do it. I want people who are like me who are struggling with writing to hear this.


Do not let ANYONE tell you there is no way you can or should participate in Nanowrimo. Do not let articles by frustrated wannabes badmouthing and trying to define what an “author” is stop you.

That is the true point of Nanowrimo. It is meant to teach people that the writing process isn’t so cut and dry. I can promise you that that rulebook about writing taught in school is bullshit (ok, it only applies to academic papers but for creative writing…its bullshit). The writing process is messy. It should be messy. You are creating a whole world. You are trying to figure out a path for these little humans that have been born in your imagination.

So. I hope you ignore the people who want to bring other writers down. I hope you ignore the people who don’t support your writing dreams.

I hope you just write.


Thank you for reading this rant of inspiration. Hope you stick around because tomorrow I take on a little phenom I like to call “Pop Culture Books”.

The randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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