Why the First Scream is Always the Best Scream


Welcome back to Scream week here on the randomness! I went through the Scream series as a whole yesterday, but I’m sure you noticed something important. I was kind of leaning towards the first Scream than the last installment.  This is because I am a fan of the first three (the ones from my teenage years) than the fourth movie and television series (my late twenties). The last two aren’t the worst or the best, I just never got around to checking them out. I figured it wasn’t the best since most movie marathons for Scream leave out the fourth installment. Same goes for the television show. I’m too old for MTV (I’m pushing it watching Catfish each week) and it wasn’t loved by fans.

Long disclaimer. Sorry. So, I will be giving three reasons why the original is the best Scream.  Why three reasons? I can talk about this all day but no one has time for that.

Let us begin!


Each of the characters in Scream does fill a certain requirement. We have the promiscuous one; we have the innocent (final girl), sweet boyfriend, nerd, and jock. What I do like about these characters are that they are more than that label. They are highly aware of where they stand, but they had more going on than just fulfilling a stereotype.

As an example. The innocent or final girl Sydney is more than just the final survivor (even though she technically isn’t…shhh).  From the beginning, she was resourceful and knew more about the world than people expected. She does not trust her instincts in the beginning, but she sure does by the end. She is not just someone we can root for she is someone we can watch grow. She learns how to trust herself and her instincts.

I will not lie. Randy (the nerd) is my favorite character. He is the one to go through the horror rules and spells out where we, the audience, are in the horror movie formula.  I think I like him the most because that was me as a teenager. I was (ok..am) a movie nerd.  Trying to find the pattern in my life and relate it to movies. I do not do that anymore…yeah…oh god.

Building of the Plot

The plot is not something to write home about. It centers about teenagers paying for their parents past mistakes. The final kills and revels happen at a teenage house party. What does truly do love about the plot is the suspense. After the first kill in the movie, it slows down. It introduces the characters and slowly builds the tension. There are little outlets of pressure let out here and there but by the time you get to the final house party scenes, the tension explodes in spectacular ways. You, as a viewer, are moving through the story with the characters instead of the killer. You are just as confused and lost as they are. When they get a new piece of information, you do. You are along for the ride with them. When the tension builds in that small town and within the characters, you feel it. I LOVE that. One complaint I have about many horror films is the lack of tension. There is tension being built in scenes where the killer is not even around. In other horror films, the tension only shows up when you hear a noise or see the victim through the killer’s eyes.

Scream does more than that.

Different Horror Generation

Much like other Wes Craven films and Kevin Williamson’s writings, there is an underlining commentary in their work. This time, it is about how teenagers are more aware of their world than adults think they are. They are sarcastic and engulfed in pop culture. The ‘in jokes’ on horror are funny but in real life that is how my friends and I talked. Even now I will make references to movies when something weird happens in my life.

The movie is also a commentary on how desensitized we are to violence now. Compared to the heyday of horror, people are not as grossed out or as easily scared. It takes a long time for many of the characters to become scared. There is a character named Tatum that mocks the killer. It was meant to be slightly tongue and cheek, but it shows that it will take a lot more to scare us as an audience. Is that a good thing or is that the worst thing that could have happened to us in society? The movie obviously doesn’t answer that, but I like to think about that question when something horrible happens.


That is why Scream is one of my favorites in the series.  I won’t lie, the second and third aren’t bad but nothing beats the original run of Sydney and the Ghost-face killer.

Stick around because next week we will be talking about some real horror.

The Investigation Discovery Channel.

Until then, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

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