Having Low Self Esteem Makes Me Feel Special: My Top Four Favorite Daria Episodes


Welcome back to my nostalgia week or as I call it, a normal day. We will be continuing with Daria or my top three favorite Daria episodes. Picking out just three episodes to talk about was incredibly hard to do. I have so many favorite episodes that I still quote to people and still get so many weird looks because people have moved on. This was hard, but I managed to do it. You are going to learn some thoughts I have about certain controversial storylines in the fandom. More than likely you are probably going to be like…why that episode? Really? Yes. Really. I liked certain things that a lot of the fandom seems not to like…even now.

I’m babbling. Let us start talking about my Top Three Favorite Daria episodes. Wait. You know what. No. I’m adding one more episode because I can. Top FOUR Favorite Daria Episodes. Let us begin.

“I Loathe a Parade”


I Loathe a Parade aired on April 7, 2000, and was the sixth episode of the fourth season. It followed Daria on her quest to buy her bathroom stranded father some toilet paper. She has to babysit Tad and her best friends boyfriend Tom. Chaos ensues.

Ok. Here is it is. One controversial opinion. This topic is something the fandom (what is left of it) still argues over. Ok. Here I go.

I LOVED Tom and Daria. I loved them then. I love them now. I love Trent but as a possible boyfriend to Daria…I think she deserved a better first boyfriend, and she got him…his name was Tom. I think Trent was a great first crush. We all have those crushes where it just won’t work but it fun to dream about it working. Trent would be a terrible boyfriend. He was already in his 20’s and acting like that? Yeah. No.

So.With that opinion out of the way (flaming pitchfork hits me in the head. Ow) on with why I love this episode so much.

It is a great hodgepodge of all the characters finding a voice during an event we all experience at some point, homecoming. It flows well, and each storyline interested me. Sometimes the show has a weird focus on characters that can get old fast (fashion club for instance).  I liked Jodie and Macks storyline. Jodie realizing that she can show a young girl that she can be anything too is a strong message in a time where that wasn’t so evident on television for women of color. Yes, there were shows on the air in the 90s like that but not like today (I might start quoting Viola Davis’s speech because I completely agreed with her).

Also, the ‘soap opera crap’ as the creator Glenn Eichler has said in previous interviews got started in this episode, and I really liked that. Gave the show a bit more structure.

In closing. Poor Jake. How long was he stuck in the bathroom?!?

 “Daria: The Musical”


A hurricane is about to hit Lawndale. Everyone sings about it. It aired on February 17, 1999.

This episode is one of my favorites because it broke from the norm of the show. Yeah, it could be construed as a ‘rating grab’ but it wasn’t. It was funny and well done, and I still know all the songs by heart. Especially “God God Dammit” which I sing whenever I’m stuck in traffic because it makes me laugh.

According to the Daria Wiki, the showrunners thought it would be funny to make their cast have to sing. Turned out the cast were up for the challenge and actually did a good job. Even though it was a musical episode and those can get silly if not downright weird (Looking at you Greys Anatomy) the show kept it within character and reason. Which made it a lot of fun.

Here is one of my favorite songs from the episode (Let’s not lie here, I love all the songs)

“Café Disaffecto”


The towns cyber café is robbed, and a compter is stolen. Mr. O’Neill decides that his class should have a fundraising and poetry slam to help raise money for a new computer. Chaos ensues. This episode aired on March 24, 1997.

The coffee shops name is alt.lawndale.com. That makes me laugh more than it should. Anyway, I think I love this one the most because it was the first Daria episode I ever saw. I didn’t see the first two seasons in order, but the show didn’t have an ongoing plot line yet. The first appearance of Melody Powers which I would have read obsessively back then if it was a real book. I’m kind of surprised MTV Books didn’t have a Melody Powers comic book or anything.

This episode was also the first time Daria showed a bit of herself through my writing, and it got a great response. Gave me some courage to start showing off my writing to others as well.

 “Write Where it Hurts”


Daria is challenged to write a fictional story using real life people by her teacher Mr. O’Neill. She goes through different scenarios before focusing on one that is pretty sweet and shows that Daria does care about her family and sees a happy future for them.  This episode aired on August 3, 1998.

I’m adding this one because I liked that it showed a different side to Daria as a character. Up to this point, we have only seen her sarcastic closed off side she showed to her family and even Jane, her best friend.  Each story is pretty funny (My favorite would have to be Kevin and Jane running out of the chapel ala The Graduate). However, that last story always gets me. She showed that she expected all of this strife and struggle to be worth it in the end. She will be friends with her sister and her parents. It is a very sweet idea that was hidden deep inside Daria and the show did keep the promise of Quinn and Daria becoming friends. By the last season and movie, Quinn was acknowledging Daria as a sister. That was big.


(From the lovely Daria Quotes on tumblr)

I have so many more episodes that I absolutely adore. These episodes are just the ones that always come to mind first when I think Daria. I hope you enjoyed hanging out in my nostalgia driven world this week. I will be watching carefully to see if Daria makes it back onto my television or computer screen. I’d welcome one of my favorite heroines back to television. We all need a little more sarcasm in our lives and Daria can provide it for us.

Thanks for reading! Next week is the start of a very special month where this ‘scared of her own shadow’ actually talking about horror movies. Shocking. Horror movies in October. Original I know.

Until then the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed.

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