You’re Standing on My Neck: My History with MTV’s Daria


Welcome back! Last week was a lot of fun talking about books. However, we have to get back to another love of mine, television that shaped my childhood. Like all the great 90’s kids I have moments of complete nostalgia that washes over me at weird moments. Whether it be about Arnold and Helga from Hey Arnold or how The Rugrats were more adult that I realized as a kid. My nostalgia for a different time. My middle school into early high school years.

I will be talking about my childhood and the television show Daria. MTV’s Daria. Yes. MTV did have quality programming at some point. You youngins out there might not know, but at some point, MTV had music, only two reality shows and a slathering of weird animation that was pretty impressive in retrospect. I will be exclusively talking about Daria though.

Before I put on my nostalgia goggles here is some information on Daria, just in case you have no idea what is happening.

Daria was a spin-off of Bevis and Butthead. In 1997, audiences were introduced to Daria Morgendorffer, who was a smart and cynical girl who had just moved to Lawndale with her family.  Over the course of five seasons and two movies (HA! Take that Community! No. Sorry. Love Community. Six Seasons and Movie!) we watch Daria go from closed off to someone with friends and a bright future ahead of her.  There is a lot that happens in between, but that is for you to discover (on Hulu).

Now. Why the show Daria means so much to me as a person.  You may now put on your nostalgia goggles. Daria came into my life at a very confusing time.  I was in middle school, and I wasn’t the most popular person. I had a set of friends, but I wasn’t recognized by people past those set of friends. I hated class, and I couldn’t wait to either write or go home to watch television. One weekend, feeling sad for myself, I planted myself on the couch and channel surfed. One day I came across a marathon on MTV of this girl who hated school and everyone around her too (except Jane). I bonded. After eight hours, I was hooked.

The Daria character still holds a place in my heart. She was someone I needed to see on television when I was a kid. I was surrounded by Dawson Creek types, and I wasn’t and still aren’t a Dawson Creek type of girl. I was more like the monotone, secretly worried what people, though, wearing big black boots and sarcastic as hell kind of girl. Daria was someone that held people at a distance, and as the show progressed, she learned how to let people in and realized she had more to offer than she even thought.

Even all the characters that surround Daria are gold. I even learned a few lessons for Britney and Kevin (the dumbest characters…kind of). I love how even those side characters that drive Daria insane grow into their own too. Showing that those stereotypes that we all separate in high school do die off sooner or later. I actually love seeing Quinn, Daria’s sister, grow from superficial follower to someone who questions the group and learns that wanting to be better isn’t a bad thing.

Even now I find myself visiting favorite episodes on either my DVD set or Hulu. I still find hidden gems in this show that relate to my life now.

Daria indeed showed the teenage experience. I couldn’t even imagine what the show would be like if it were made today. I assume it would be the same…except for the fashion club would be on YouTube. Jane would have Instagram and Pinterest to show off her art. Daria would be on Achieve of Our Own writing Melody Powers fanfiction.

With rumors flying that Daria could be making an appearance once again, I hope it isn’t about her daughter/son and more ‘Where are they now?’ type of show. Either way, I’d welcome Daria back to my screen. I’m even more confused now in my 20’s. It would be nice to see if Daria is too.


Stick around because tomorrow, I will be talking about my top three favorite Daria episodes.  I have so much more than that, but even I know my readers have their limits. So, read some Melody Powers stories while listening to Mystic Spiral on your Walkman. I will be back tomorrow with more Daria!

Did you watch Daria growing up? Do you think it came be brought back and relate itself to today’s audiences? Tell me below!

Until then, the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed!

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