No Wait…That Other Pride and Prejudice Film: My Top Three Pride and Prejudices Adaptations

Welcome back to the continuing adventures of Pride and Prejudices and its many adaptations. The plotline of Pride and Prejudice has been used more times in films, television and books than I can even count.  I have tried to see as many versions as I possibly can, but I am not super human. I try to have a life (Shut up. Stop laughing). Over the years, I have found a few favorites among all of these adaptations. Before I start, I have to say that Bridget Jones is not on the list because that would be too easy. I do adore that film (not the sequel. God no…not the sequel) but it is not meant for this list. So, here are my top three favorite Pride and Prejudices adaptions.

Bride and Prejudice


This Bollywood film takes the central idea of the Pride and Prejudice story and sets it in a place where some of those ideas are still present (according the film). I love this adaptation because it was a different take. Not only is it a musical (seriously…the music is amazing. You will be humming most of the songs long after you saw the film) but it has their Elizabeth and Darcy actually talk about things just hinted at in other versions.

What I mean by that is take this scene from the movie. Go ahead…watch…I will wait.

It is meant to be the scene where Caroline Bingley has Elizabeth walk around the room and talks about what Mr. Darcy looks for in women. They have Elizabeth say a few biting comments and that is that. In this version, this Elizabeth or Lalita does not let Darcy get away with some of his prejudice comments. I rather liked that she called him out. Darcy needs to be called out sometimes.

It is a lot of fun and opened my eyes to other types of films out there. I am still working on my Bollywood film journey, but this is a great place to start!

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

images (2)

Come on! You know this had to be on here. One of the most successful (Emmy-winning…just to remind people) transmedia projects I have ever seen.  I have a thing for transmedia. I blame my graduate school days. Anyway…onto why I love this version of Pride and Prejudice.

I love this version because the show took good care of the supporting cast. Sometimes with other Pride and Prejudice adaptions, Charlotte is boiled down and not given much for the audience to care about. In this version, not only does Charlotte NOT marry Mr. Collins (though this Mr. Collins is very sweet) but also she works for him. Which makes a lot more sense. I really enjoyed those details. I also like that Lydia is given more depth than other versions. We get some background on why she acts the way she does. Some versions like to make Lydia silly or even stupid, but I always thought of Lydia as naive. Good headstrong for her own good. I love the show gave her more depth as well.

This is definitely worth the watch. I believe it is still up on the internet and even on the Showtime app for some reason. Either way…just watch!

Lost in Austen

download (3)

This is less about liking the idea and more I am completely vain. Let me explain. If you have never seen this version…its less Elizabeth and Darcy and more..

HEY rabid fangirl! Can you imagine if you were transported into the Pride and Prejudice story? Now is your chance!

It is that type of adaption. A girl named Amanda (see why I like it) who is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice (Darcy). One day Elizabeth Bennett shows up through the wall in her bathroom. They switch sides and Amanda gets to live her favorite book. How do you think, things go?

Not too many people talk about this miniseries, but I remember finding it hilarious. The story is still there even though Elizabeth does not really exist. She off being modern in the year 2008. Amanda ends up living the story with her Darcy. I love how the movie tries to show how unromantic the time Pride and Prejudice was set. We have a lot more to get us through than these people do. I also love that she realizes how annoying Darcy could be. We tend to overdramatize the idea of Mr. Darcy.  If he was a real person, (cough Tom Lefroy cough) he must have been so annoying to deal with. I love that this movie points that out. It is also the ultimate fanfiction experience, which I love to watch.

It is not well known, but I think it is a good chapter in the Pride and Prejudice storybook.

So many different mediums have covered the Pride and Prejudice story. I know there is a zombie version coming out soon and I still need to watch Death Comes to Pemberley (on my Netflix as we speak) but yes, the story of Pride and Prejudice will, more than likely, never die. I wonder if Jane Austen even knew that what she was writing would be held to such high regard far beyond her years.

I’d like to think she did know. She knows and she finds it really weird.

Thanks for reading! The randomness has ended for the week. I hope you enjoyed!

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