Who has the Pride and who has the Prejudice? I Cannot Remember! (Pride and Prejudice Forever)


Welcome back! Even though I want to hold on tightly, but even I have to admit, that summer is really over. The air is getting cooler by the week. The leaves are starting to change and fall to the ground. My attention is slowly turning towards horror films and feel good comedies (yeah…that is a real combination for me). One of my absolute favorite movies or stories to watch when the weather slowly changes is Pride and Prejudice.  I remember when I first read that book. I was in the ninth grade, I had just seen the famous Colin ‘Taking a dip in the pond’ Firth miniseries and wanted to read the book. So, each day in study hall I would read Pride and Prejudice completely enamored with each character and the situation they had put themselves in with their pride and their prejudice (Ha! Get it?).  Even now, as someone who is now 28 years old, Pride and Prejudice and its many incarnations, still holds a place in my heart.

As I watch the 2005 version for the millionth time, I could not help but wonder:

Why does this story still resonate?

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen was first published in 1813. A story that has been around for over 100 years is still recreated and filmed in different countries to this day. Even spawning spin-offs, zombie tales and retellings from a more modern standpoint. This is not the only Jane Austen story that gets this treatment. This story seems to be the one that many people come back to without fail.

I know why I enjoy the story. It is fun watching two people fight their way into love. That is what Elizabeth and Darcy do. They are constantly coming up against their own pride and prejudice to come out a little stronger and more aware of their shortcomings. That is what I get out of the story…in general. There is a lot more going on but yeah that is the general romantic essence.

Also…Mr. Darcy am I right ladies? Who doesn’t love themselves some Darcy?


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(*Look at their faces! Perfect!* This photoset courtesy of the lovely Fuck Yeah Janeites! tumblr)

Maybe that is why this story is remade every couple of years.  This classic tale is a foundation for most romances we see on screen.

I think I liked it (beyond the romance factor) because I found the world these characters lived in to be an odd world. Women did not have much power and the ones who did were not really using it for good. It was mostly forcing people to marry or supporting them financially (looking at you Lady Catherine).  It was an interesting world that I have not experienced. I cannot imagine what Elizabeth (a fully modern type) had to experience. In retrospect,…it was really Jane Austen talking about the world she lived in. Some of the injustices she had to have seen in that time.

Nevertheless, really…it is all about Darcy and Elizabeth. The couple that seems to find each other no matter the century. They find each other in television, movies, books and the internet.

I’d like to hear what you all think! Why do you think Pride and Prejudice resonates with almost every generation on this earth?

Stick around because tomorrow I will be talking about my top three favorite Pride and Prejudice remakes, spin-offs and creative retellings that have come across my television and computer screen the past twenty years.

download (1)images (1)

For now the randomness has ended. Hope you enjoyed!

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