My Cinema Therapy: Top Three Best Romantic Comedies for the Soul

Hey! Welcome back to the randomness that is this blog. Continuing with my cinema therapy theme for the week, I have listed my top three comfort food movies. No matter what happens or what other movies come along…these movies will always have a place in my heart. I highly recommend that you watch them and if you have please watch them again!

Now without further cackling…

The Cutting Edge


The Cutting Edge is one of those movies that is a personal comfort movie for me. I used to figure skate religiously when I was a kid. I even skated on Olympic Ice in Lake Placid (just tooting my horn here). When my mom bought me The Cutting Edge and I was hooked.

If you don’t know the story here it is in a nutshell. Pride and Prejudice and Taming of the Shrew mixed in with figure skating. I’m not going into the plot because I want everyone who hasn’t seen it before to have a fun experience letting the story unfold.

This is a comfort food type movie for me because of the journey this movie takes the viewer on. From the minute these characters meet, there are sparks. Those sparks burn out a little and then the build this quiet tension and is so much fun to watch and experience. No matter how many times I have seen this movie (believe me…its been a lot) I always hold my breath at certain moments and laugh my butt off at others. The movie even makes fun of that building tension (much to the main characters irritation).

I also love the fact that the characters aren’t just there to fall in love. They are both working through their own problems. Kate is trying to work through the fact that she has to live up to her dead mother and what she wanted. Doug has to acknowledge that what he expected his life to be isn’t going to happen now. It is about the characters growing up and recognizing their faults together. That just…good character development makes me very happy.


While You Were Sleeping

giphy (1)

While You Were Sleeping is the true blue comfort food movie. It has so much going for it that even if you are not into the romance you can watch all the supporting characters do their thing and be completely happy. To tell you the truth…the Callahan’s needed their own movie. There was a lot happening with that family that we the audience needs to know about!

If you need some help remembering this movie. Lucy saves Peter, someone she thinks she loves, from a train and he is now in a coma. After some misunderstanding, the family thinks Peter and Lucy are now engaged. She keeps up the charade while falling for Peter’s brother Jack and his family. A lot more happens but once again…I’m not ruining it. (Psst…It is on Netflix).

This is my true comfort food type movie because of how well rounded and sweet the story actually plays out. The main couple of this movie (Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman) have an amazing chemistry. Not only do they have heat (important) but also I can buy them being friends and respecting each other. Meaning…I can see them lasting long after the movie.

Also, the family. The family in this movie is a lot of fun. The Callahan’s are warm, caring and do not have much of a filter.  The best scene of all of them would have to be in church. Mostly because it reminds me of my family when I was a kid in church. Lots of whisperings and then grandma says something…so wrong and funny. It is fun and always brings a smile to my face.


You’ve Got Mail


You’ve Got Mail is the ultimate fall movie for me. Written by someone that I LOVE as a writer, the late Nora Ephron, and stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, you cannot go wrong.  This movie is necessary for me to watch once September rolls around. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks still have this easygoing chemistry that makes you want them together. Even better, it is fun to watch them fight, flirt, fight and then flirt again. The plot also doesn’t drive you up the wall. It all naturally makes sense.

Once again, the plot. A small bookstore owner is actually talking to someone on the internet that actually owns the big box bookstore putting her out of business. Romantic comedy misunderstanding ensues. (It is a remake of The Shop Around the Corner. Worth the watch too).

This movie is a true comfort because it is a true classic. You know where the plot is going, but you are enjoying the ride all the way to the end. The true strength in this movie is the characters. The characters are funny and warm. Even the ‘wrong for them’ significant others are funny and sweet. There is no real villain in this story, but it does not need the romantic rival to work. You are enjoying what the characters say and their reactions to various plot points.  I could watch Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks talk about anything for two hours. I am so glad I have two movies that do just that! (Well…Sleepless in Seattle…they talk at the end!).


Those are the movies that I always watch when I need some comfort food or some cinema therapy. I highly urge you to watch or re-watch these movies for a good laugh and smile.  We all need some warmth in a world that is quite cold.

Hope you enjoyed the randomness this week! Come back next week for some more random insight into pop culture…maybe even something about reality television. (Dun dun dun!)

See you next week!

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