Like a Hot Bowl of Soup: Why are Romantic Comedies like Comfort Food?


Welcome back to the randomness everybody! It is officially September. You could feel the change in the air. Little kids are going back to school, the shriek for pumpkin everything is invading social media and your comfortable fuzzy sweaters are starting to look good to you.  I am already starting to experience all those things (except the pumpkin. I hate pumpkin. Bad white girl!).  In the place of pumpkin, I start to gravitate towards my favorite romantic comedies. Not just my favorites. My all time, never disappoints me, always lifts my spirits favorite romantic comedies.

That is when I realized…I look at these movies as comfort food. Sort of like that old show on the WE Network (before it got reality show trashy). It is like comfort food and therapy all rolled into one.  Cinema Therapy.   That got me thinking.

Why do we view movies as ‘comfort food’ or ‘cinema therapy’?

I have talked about romantic comedies before on this blog. I am a huge fan. That is probably why I go for them before any other type of genre. There is something simple about the romantic comedy. Some people complain that it is too typical and formulaic. Sometimes I need that formula to feel better. I do not know about anyone else but life has no formula. You are dropped onto the earth and you have to take life day by day.  In a romantic comedy, you know where it is headed. You know what the outcome is going to be and it will be happy (if that is your thing of course. No judgement).  Sometimes you need that happy to get through the night. That is my comfort.


I also guess that movies, at least to me, are full of good. What do I mean by good? I guess it is more the idea that good win over evil. I don’t have to tell anyone out there in the void that good never wins these days. With romantic comedies, especially classic ones, the idea of good winning is a given. It is heartwarming and nice to see. These movies usually make me believe that love can exist out there in that dark void and in the weirdest of places. A few articles out there claim that romantic comedies give you a false hope or are bad for you. It is only bad for you if you completely believe that you are going to have a life like the characters in a romantic comedy if you follow what they did. I do not believe in that. I like to believe in the idea that a sweet type of love can exist out there. It won’t be perfect, but it can be out there.

Most importantly, it is the feeling I get when I watch one of my absolute favorite romantic comedies. I write a lot about movies and television shows that just bring on intense feelings in me. Just hearing a certain piece of the soundtrack can feel like a warm hug or a big cup of really good coffee. It just warms me up inside. Especially when I am feeling so cold and dark, those movies light a small spark and make me feel better.

Isn’t that what this genre is supposed to do? Make us believe in the idea of ‘good’ and make us feel better for about two hours. I’d like to think so.


Stick around. I will be talking about three of my all time, never disappoints me, always lifts my spirits favorite romantic comedies.  Do you have any movies that start a spark in you? Make you feel better? Tell me about it below!

Until then, the randomness has ended. I hope you enjoyed!

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