Ain’t No Party Like an S Club Party: Coming Full Circle


Welcome back to the randomness! This, my dear friends, is going to the last entry into ‘fake band’ month! It has been a fun ride. I have been jumping around all the decades and found that television bands are a rarity now that should be brought back to mainstream television.  While I get to working on that, here is the final entry for the month.

We have come full circle. We started with a band that became famous through a television show and we are ending with a band that became famous through a television show. Ta dah!

S Club 7.

The same people who gave us S Club 7 brought us The Spice Girls (also my first major music obsession as a kid).  Their manager, Simon Fuller, found Tina, Paul, Rachel, Jo, Hannah, Bradley and Jon and created a television show where they go to Miami for a record deal. It aired on the BBC and in America on Fox Family.  Over 90 million viewers in 100 countries watched the show.   Much like The Monkees, the show was an exaggerated form of their real personality.  In fact, the show was compared to The Monkees! The vice president of Fox Family at the time said that the show was relationship driven and more sophisticated (uh…sure. The Monkees show did not take itself so seriously. That is why it is so well loved even today. Just saying.)

There were four more seasons, but I only remember the first season. That was around the time Fox Family changed hands and the programming changed.  I do remember the music and I can still sing the theme song to you (do you want me too? No. Ok. I will be over here now).  This band is fake and real at the same time.

Let me explain. The singers could sing and fit the traits of the average late 90’s post grunge pop band.  However, without that show, we would not be here talking about them right now.  Let us not pretend that is what made them famous. It was being on television every week pushing their songs onto preteens that did not know they were being sold to. I am one of those preteens. The show is one big album sale each week…with jokes.

Like California Dreams, I remember the music (I owned their first album) but I do not remember the actual plot of the television show. I have a feeling it did not matter. It was there to sell a product. Ok, I sound a bit…bitter.

I am not though. I still enjoy their music and I admire taking The Monkees marketing plan and reworking it for a new generation. Hats off to that production team.  Looking at the plans they put in place for them now, it looks so calculated and not as much fun. I thought I found this band by accident, but I was actually targeted. My preteen self is hurt.

I hear they are back on tour together. Reunion tour of sorts. I wonder if a new television show would still sell on American TV today? One’s mind can wander…

I listened to the album that connects to the first season and many of the hits still come back to me. I am brought back to a place of extreme innocence. It is a nice place to visit sometimes.

Best songs by S Club 7? “Two in a Million”, “S Club Party” and “I really Miss You”.  Those songs stand out to me because those are the songs they sang the most.  Check out the theme song below! I am positive you will remember this song!

That is it for S Club 7. The show is hard to find and I feel like this fake band eclipsed their own show.


Well, that is the end of fake band month. I can only hope that fake bands make an appearance back on the pop culture scene. Well, for adults at least. I see you, Disney.

Hope you enjoyed! If you can think of any bands, I did not mention this month leave a comment below! Nothing makes me happier than watching a new television show!

Until then the randomness and fake band month has ended. Hope you enjoyed!

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