It is the Little Things in Life: Band Mini Bites

Welcome back! Thinking about Saved by the Bell’s Zack Attack band got me thinking of other small bands that did not get their own show but left a mark in pop culture. Really, the bands that left a mark on my subconscious. Here are three ‘bands’ that I still remember fondly and even, on occasion, listen to unironically.

Hot Sundae – Go for it!


I remember this other ‘band’ fondly. Girl musical group really. This Saved by the Bell episode had so many classic elements in it. A fun musical episode that was not a dream. It had a classic freak out from Jesse that I still yell when I am stressed out. It is a PSA for teenagers about expectations and managing stress as well. It has it all people!

The girls of Saved by the Bell only do this song because Zacks dad knows a producer looking for the next big girl group (why not sign the Zack Attack? Anyway…). Go for It has been stuck in my head. Rearing its ugly head at the most random of moments. Its catchy and very 90s. I also liked this song because it actually sounded like the actresses were singing it. In the Zack Attack episode, it sounds like fill ins since most of the actors could not sing…I assume.

Watch the video below. Come for the cheese, stay for the earworms!

Jesse and the Rippers – Forever


Full House was a big part of my childhood. I was obsessed with the Olsen Twins growing up. I have seen most of the episodes more times than I can count (season one…not so much).  I remember loving Uncle Jesse’s band, Jesse and the Rippers. I was convinced they were a real band!


The one song I was obsessed with was Forever. Technically, it is a Beach Boys song but for the purpose of the show, Jesse wrote it for Rebecca, his wife.  It has sentimental value and is a very sweet song. I can still hear the opening piano cues in my head as I write this.  My fondest memory was when he sang the song to her in Disneyland with random Disney characters in the background.

The band did ultimately kick Jesse out. I found his next band, Hot Daddy and the Monkey Puppets less than desirable. It was less about the music and more that DJ wasn’t with Steve but that is for another blog post.

Mystik Spiral – Freakin Friends

download (4)

The television show Daria came into my life at a very turbulent time. I was in middle school feeling a bit lost among the cliques. I did not feel like I was above them but I did not feel like I belonged either. That is when I came across a Daria marathon on MTV and fell instantly in love. I related to Daria and her cast of characters so much I still feel a kinship to the show to this day. When I am feeling down, I still watch a few episodes.

In the show Trent Lane (Jane Lanes brother and Daria’s love interest) had a grunge band called Mystik Spiral. As I researched into the band, I found they had a website back in the day that I was still allowed to access through the wayback machine. It has a booking section, about us section and an actual fan club. If I were aware back then of the internet I would have been their number one fan!


They have many songs (‘Ow! My Face’ being a favorite) but the one that stood out to me was Freakin Friends from the TV movie, Is it Fall Yet? Freakin Friends was written for the renewal of the friendship between Jane, his sister and Daria (long story).  This song is the best because not only does it represent these two characters well, it is used at the end of the series (Is it College Yet?) as an all-encompassing goodbye to the characters and the audience that watched them grow up.  It is sentimental, sweet and reminds me of some good times I had with friends I do not always see much of anymore.

Best lyrics?

When the whip comes down
when they nuke the town
when dead clowns can’t clown
we’ll still be freakin’ friends

Trent Lane is a lyrical genius my friends.

I am planning on a very big Daria blog post so I will stop here but it’s worth a listen and the show is definitely worth a watch.

These ‘bands’ may have been lost as time as gone on but I remember them. These songs still hold a place in my heart and place on my iPod. I kind of hope that more shows bring back to fake band. It does help a show have staying power to some even if it is cheesy in the end.

So, that is the end of this mini bites post. Stay tuned for my last favorite fake TV band. This one is an oldie but a goodie. So old to some I will not even give a hint. Ok, fine. I hope you are not dreaming but if you are…I hope they are California Dreams!

Oy. That was bad. Anyway, see you all next week! Hope you enjoyed your trip down memory lane.

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