2gether: I thought Korn was going to be here. This sucks!


Welcome back to fake band month here on Amanda’s Pop Culture Randomness! As I wrote yesterday next on my tour fake bands was MTV made 2gether.  The plan was to talk about the television show but the show was hard to find. The episodes I did find did not hold up as well as the movie or the music videos. So, change of plans.

I will be looking at the movie and their two biggest music videos. Three pieces of media that really held up for me.

Without further ado, here is a review of 2gether and the music they rode in and out on!

2GETHER (The Movie)

Best Lines

“I made a commitment to you guys, and keeping a commitment is good manners. It’s called the Axel Rose Rule”– Jerry

“I can’t be perfect every time out. I’m not Ozzy Osbourne!” – Doug

“This one time I fit five dollars up my butt and, not to brag or nothing, but I bet I could fit way more up there. Way more. Easy!” – Chad

“Well you gotta embrace your worthlessness. You know, just think about all the greatest loser throughout history: UPN, the metric system, Kevin Cosner…” – Doug

“Mickey Parke has one ho and one ho only, and that’s Mickey Parke!” – Mickey

All of Whoa’s biggest hit aka Rub One Out


Best Moments

2gethermovie-3 2gethermovie-gif 2gether-movie-gif-2

Why I liked it

This is what started it all. As I wrote in yesterday’s blog post the movie is a nice tongue and cheek view on boy bands and the record companies who produced them.  The cast worked so well together. I bought that these five guys were a band and I cared about what happened to them. It also introduced the idea into my head, at the tender age of thirteen, that I was being used to some degree by the music industry. It is worth the watch and a great look at time in history when MTV still played music or actually cared about music and not Ridiculousness. (hint…the movie is on YouTube. Watch it while you can).

The Hardest Part of Breaking Up (Is Getting Back Your Stuff)

Best Lyrics

“Hey Doug. You plus me equals jail time!”

“You took my heart now I have to take the bus”

“You walked out of my life with my CD collection”

“You got my sweaters, my hat, I can’t find my cat”

“I’d call you up girl but you took my phone!”

Best Moments

breaking-up-is-hard-gif-2 breaking-up-is-hard-gif-3 hardest-part-of-breaking-up-gif-1

Why I liked it

The video was a tongue and cheek look at the second single. The band starts with their love song and then goes into the break up song (like the formula dictates). This break up song was about a kleptomaniac but it still fits the formula.  It even has a rap breakdown that was starting to get popular then.

I loved this song and video because it literally dressed the band up as used car salesman. They are literally telling us they are selling us crap and we were going to eat it up. Really love that.  I also love the video poking fun at TRL’s video dedications and the people who do them. The idea of dedicating a video like this to anyone is pretty funny especially when the ‘nerd’ wants to know where the band korn is at that moment. It has a great beat and I find myself singing it to myself at random moments. That is the mark of a well-written beat and song.

U + Me = Us (Calculus)

Best Lyrics

“When it comes to cosines I know a thing or two”

“Girl, algebra, trigonometry can never equal up to what you do to me”

            “Well I’ve never been good at history and I don’t give a crap about Robert E. Lee”

Best Moments

chad-umeus-gif doug-umeus-gif jerry-umeus-gif mickey-umeus-gif qt-umeus-gif uplussignmeequalsignus-gif

Why I Liked It

The video was meant to “introduce the band” to the world. It does contain a lot of the movie and winks at the movie but also elements of the most popular boy band videos at the time. It includes matching choreography, matching outfits and screaming girls behind a barricade. It even came with a little dance that I can do for you right now if you want (no? ok. That’s cool).  The song is catchy and funny and I have a sinking suspicion this was offered to other boy bands before it landed in the movie making fun of boy bands. I’m a sucker for songs that randomly talks about Robert E. Lee and how they don’t give a crap about him.


This fake band was fun, silly and knew they were making fun of a boy bands. That might be why I’m ok with the band coming back to the small screen. My idea? Have it be about a retirement home for former boy banders or boy bands in therapy. I feel like that type of show would be a goldmine for the boy banders that are still wandering around lost after their fame has ended. Seriously…Chris Kirkpatrick…this is your time to shine.

Either way, 2gether will always have a place in my heart for showing up and making me smile for two years while screaming for NSYNC.

Let the fake band love continue! Next week? We will be discussing a small band that Casey Kasem could not even ignore. I hope they are still…Friends Forever.

            See you next week! Hope you enjoyed the 2gether fun!

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