Christmas in July: My Top Three Hallmark Movies


Welcome back to the randomness! Today, my friends, is the beginning of Amanda Month aka July. In true July fashion, it is time to celebrate Christmas!

Just go with it.

Christmas in July has become an event especially for the Hallmark Channel (not to mention every home shopping channel). Having conquered the Christmas movie market (starting on October 31st and running to January 2nd), Hallmark now has a weeklong Christmas in July event.

Nuts you say? Nutty awesomeness is what I think you meant to say.
Either way I could not help but check the schedule to see if my favorite movies were playing.
This leads me to the point of this blog post.

Here are my top three favorite Hallmark Christmas Movies that should become your favorite too. (Don’t worry…I don’t spoil any of the fun below!)


Naughty or Nice (2012)

This movie has everything a movie fan could want. One Tree Hill alum, magic, and actual character growth. The movie is about a woman named Kris Kringle who accidentally gets Santa’s Naughty or Nice list. She uses it to her advantage to get revenge or check up on the family. She learns how to stand up for herself and that there are always two sides to every story.
This movie uses fantasy elements to invoke real natural change/growth in its characters. The story flows and concludes in a way that actually makes sense. It has that strong Christmas element without getting schmaltzy. I love this movie and consider it a much-overlooked new classic.



Holiday to Remember (1995)

This movie is not technically a Hallmark original, but it airs on Hallmark every Christmas season. Therefore, it counts. Therefore was used which makes it official.

This story is about a woman coming back to her hometown with her daughter after a divorce. She comes across not only facing her past and her former fiancée but facing that she just may have a future after all in the hometown she ran from all those years ago.
All the actors have a great chemistry and it has Rue McClanahan aka Blanche from the Golden Girls.  What else do you need?

It does have a religious element to it, but it’s not overwhelming or preachy. The movie screams ‘the 90s’ but it is a comforting 90s. It has a strong quotable element to it. I still randomly quote the movie to my friends and family who have seen it. It’s cute and comforting. Something we all need at Christmas. Available on iTunes and it’s up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Hitched for the Holidays

Nothing makes me happier than seeing two people use each other for different reasons, become friends and then fall in love. Mostly one man needs a fake girlfriend for Christmas to make his dying grandma happy and one woman needs a boyfriend to get her mother off her back during Hanukkah. That is what Hitched for the Holidays presents itself as in the commercials. However, this movie has a lot more going for it.

It not only covers Christmas but Hanukkah as well. It covers how family, regardless of what background they come from, can come together and respect and celebrate each other’s differences. It does not hurt that even the main characters grow and learn from each other. There are many jokes about both religions and how ridiculous the holiday season has become.

It is a sweet story that has an underlining theme of family, love, acceptance and what the holidays should be about at the end of the day.

Not bad for a Hallmark TV movie.


There are so many more Hallmark Christmas movies out there that I adore. If I went through all of them, we would be here all day.

Hallmark has been a Christmas movie machine since the early 2000s.  With a new Christmas movie, premiering during their Christmas in July event (A Family for Christmas) Hallmark does not appear to be slowing down.

You can check out the Hallmark Christmas in July event from the 3rd to the 12th.  View the schedule here.

What are your favorite Hallmark Movies? Which ones do you hate? Tell me below! Until then, the randomness has needed. Hope you enjoyed.

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