In Defense of…Grease 2: Greasier


Welcome back to the randomness! Today, my dears, I will be defending a sequel that has never been loved. It is the bastard child of this musical world. If I start singing “Love Child” by Diana Ross and The Supremes, you know I have gone too far. Anyway….

Grease 2.

Yes. That sequel. The sequel no one really thinks much about until they catch it on television. On an odd Sunday afternoon. On ABC Family.  Then very strong opinions come. In fact. That is what happened to me.

Just in case you don’t know what Grease 2 is (stop reading this. Go to Netflix, watch it now please, and thank you).  Grease 2 is the continuation of Grease (obviously) with a new set of Pink Ladies and T-Birds. This time the “Sandy” is Sandys cousin (go with it) and the “Danny” is the lead Pink Lady Stephanie.  He falls for her but she wants a cool rider (actually words used in the film). He changes himself to fit that mold and chaos ensues.

I want to defend this movie because I actually like it. Why? Well…if you read on you will find out why…that is why (cough).

Reasons Why I like Grease 2


Reason One: More background on the Pink Ladies and T-Birds

One thing the original Grease did not have was more on the cliques (Gangs? No. They were cliques…with jackets).  When Sandy comes into their world, the audience just goes with the cliques and that is it. There are Pink Ladies and T-Birds. No more information. They just exist. In the sequel, we get a small look into the dynamics that play between these two groups. Apparently, there are rules and there is a pecking order. It is a small look into these cliques but I liked seeing that.  The cliques were more than the leads. The others had lives too.

Reason Two: Lots of Story to Mine

In case you did not know, Grease 2 was meant to be a springboard for a television series. Hence why the film feels like a television movie instead of an actually motion picture feature.  Since the movie was expected to go on, the stories were a lot more complicated than the first movie. I liked that. We got a better look at the others in the cast and the counter culture that was developing around them. It did not just focus on the main couple. Yes, you could argue that we saw what Rizzo and Frenchie were going through in the original movie but not Jan or Marty. They had weird little inserts but they were ignored. Each girl and guy in the sequel had something going on that did not necessarily relate to the main action of the story. That made the movie a lot more interesting.

Reason Three: Songs Were Just as Good

This one is a little hard to pull off. Grease has an epic soundtrack. I can sing all of the songs from Grease at a moment’s notice.  Same goes for Grease 2. Yes, the movie has that infamous song about sperm but man is it catchy (foot stomping fun here people).  The opening song is fun too. Then again, anything by the Four Tops will be awesome. It was always going to be hard to reach the legacy left behind by Grease.

I feel like this movie had its own beat that they stuck too and it works. Some songs are a bit much (the final song makes me burst out laughing at its seriousness and its imitation of the final scene of Grease) but it fits into this world the movie was trying to create.  The ‘powers that be’ were trying to create their own sound and its own world so it could move onto television. It is a fun soundtrack. Sometimes we need fun in life.

Those are my main reasons for liking Grease 2. I can see the set up for the television show and I am somewhat sad it never came to be. I think I would be ok with a Grease television show. I do not trust Hollywood with it but it could be fun to watch in the summer months.

I would suggest you give Grease 2 some credit. It is hard to measure up to the monster success Grease was. It is hard to come up with new songs and storylines that does not feel like a complete knock off. I think I will always defend this movie from people who scoff at its existence. I see promise there. Sometimes that is all I need to love a movie.

What do you think? Have you seen Grease 2? Do you like sequels? Tell me below in the comment section! For now, the randomness has ended.

See you all next Wednesday and Thursday for more crazy observations about pop culture.


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