In Defense of…The Romantic Comedy


Welcome back to the randomness! Today, my dear friends, I am talking about the romantic comedy or rom-com.  In fact, I am defending the romantic comedy. You can blame an article in Mic for this.

Rom-com or romantic comedy, for you purists out there, is a movie that, “…are light-hearted, humorous plotlines, centered on romantic ideals such as that true love is able to surmount most obstacles”(Somewhere all my former professors at FDU are shuddering because I just quoted Wikipedia. Already got my degree. Suckers). Anyway, romantic comedies are a fun way to enjoy an afternoon when you do not want to watch something heavy or thought provoking. I enjoy thinking (who does not) but sometimes you need to shut off my brain and just enjoy the story in front of you. Ridiculous premise and all. That is the purpose of the romantic comedy! Without the rom-com, the Hallmark channel would be non-existent.

Image-1-romcomIn the article, Why Do So Many Romantic Comedies have Absolutely Ridiculous Premises? by Kevin O’Keeffe laments how crazy romantic comedy premises are and then picks movies that were either flops (most of them were) to prove his point.

It is easy to go after the romantic comedy for being ridiculous. It is an easy target.

That easy target is a movie that people want to watch and experience. Rom-Coms take things to the next level.

It is easy to go after the romantic comedy for being ridiculous. It is an easy target.

That easy target is a movie that people want to watch and experience. Rom-Coms take things to the next level.

What is ‘things’ exactly? Love. Success. Friendships. Elements of the romantic comedy. The point of the romantic comedy (other than entertaining us) is to let us live vicariously through the characters. In real life, nothing is ever going to work out perfectly but in romantic comedy land (yes, romantic comedy gets a land not world), it will all work out. Sometimes we all need to see that happen. Renew our faith in humanity for a few hours before it comes crashing down again.


As for the premises. Yeah, I agree. They are nuts. However to get to those core elements of the romantic comedy without boring the audience the premise has to be a little nuts. Insane. Whatever you want to call it. No different than an action/adventure movie being set in crazy place. It is set in a crazy place because you need to grab the audience’s attention. Same with rom-coms and their crazy premises. You need a hook!

If we all start nit-picking movies, we are going to find a lot of fault in them. Sometimes a movie is just a movie (a kiss is just a kiss. A sigh is just a sigh…you get the idea).  It is just meant to entertain us for a few hours. Not to be analyzed by a random film student or random blogger on the internet (wink).

I love romantic comedies because it does take my mind off life for a few hours.  I do not have to sit there and overthink the premise or have to think at all. Sometimes you need those movies where you can turn off your brain and just laugh, cry or swoon.


It may sound simple.  It may sound stupid. However, I believe people can agree that sometimes movies just need to entertain. Romantic comedies fit that bill and I am very happy they do. That I why I will always love the romantic comedy (in its many forms) and will defend it to anyone that wants to make fun of the genre.

What do you think about romantic comedies? Do you think romantic comedies, as a genre is too ridiculous to live? Leave a comment below or shoot over a tweet to @Cometgirl71822 to talk about it. Until then, the randomness has ended. Enjoy.

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