My First OTP (One True Pairing): Just Go With It

Welcome back to the randomness! Today, my dear friends, I will be talking about my first OTP. OTP stands for one true pairing. It is a fandom thing. Go with it.

The OTP couple in a television show or movie is your favorite. It is the one that you love to watch and root to make it out of the conflict together and preferably alive.

You come back time and time again to this couple. It never gets old.

It is normal to have more than one favorite pairing which negates the ONE true pairing aspect but I am not here to follow the rules and neither is the internet. Just go with it.

So. What couple first grabbed my attention in a big way? Looking back, a few come to mind. I had Mr. Sheffield and Fran Fine from The Nanny. I liked Sharona and Monk from Monk. I even loved Andy Travis and Bailey Quarters (They are from WKRP in Cincinnati for anyone that does not know who they are. That blog post is coming soon).

Those were not my first OTP’s though. That honor goes to….


If you do not know who that is, we have bigger problems.

Lucy and Ricky Ricardo. I was raised on I Love Lucy. Apparently, according to a story that will be told in my family until the end of time, when I was a baby my grandma put me in my rocker facing away from the TV. She put on a rerun of I Love Lucy and I made it my life’s mission to turn around to watch the show. The obsession is that deep here people.

As a kid, I would find any book on the two of them and read it like it was my job to know everything about the show and their lives. Yes, later on I got my hands on the books that only talked about the ‘bad’ side of the marriage but no one is perfect. I never thought it was any of our (the publics) business what happened in that marriage. All I know is, regardless what happened to them in life they always found their way to each other. Romantically and as best friends.

Anyway, back to the fictional couple. I think I love Lucy and Ricky because they balanced each other out. Lucy was a bit wild, spontaneous and smart as a whip (it takes a lot of brainpower to come up with a scheme every week!). Ricky was a bit more levelheaded, thought ahead and knew where Lucy brain was always at…to a point. In the moments where Ricky would go a little nuts Lucy would try to balance him out and vice versa. That is why I keep coming back to them.

I loved that regardless of what happened you knew they got each other’s back. Lucy and Ricky were in it for the long haul.

They were silly, a little nutty and they would go to the moon and back for each other.  What could be better than that?

This video shows how great they are together. Especially when Lucy teases Ricky!

So. What is the couple that you come back to repeatedly? Tell me below or tweet me your answers at @Cometgirl71822! Either way, the randomness has ended. Enjoy.

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