…Previously in my Life…: A Miranda (BBC) Review


Welcome back to the randomness! Today, my dear friends, I will discuss a popular show…in the UK. Miranda aired on BBC Two from November 2009 to 2010, which is when it moved to BBC One for its last season and finale special. This show came into my life during a very stressful time, and I am so happy that it did. More on that but first, some background information.

The Tao of Miranda

Miranda Hart is a British comedian that took her semi-autobiographical writings and made a show for radio called Miranda’s Joke Shop.  From that came the television show. It is about a woman who owns a joke shop and gets into awkward and weird situations with her friends and mother.

The first two seasons are full of silly adventures that Miranda goes on, and we get to know Miranda’s world. Really…what makes everything tick and it is a lot of fun learning about the world…as Miranda sees it. From season three to the finale, the storyline shifts and it has Miranda growing up but on her terms.

Her friends and family who get involved are her best friend Stevie (Sarah Hadland), her crush Gary (Tom Ellis), her mother Penny (Patricia Hodge) and her old school friend Tilly (Sally Phillips). Her friends are just as wacky and loveable as Miranda.

What I call….Reasons to Watch

Good? Good. We are all caught up. So, why should YOU check this series out on HULU and select PBS stations (smiles like David Venable from QVC)?


Simple. Miranda reflects us. We are all awkward, silly and completely insecure. Not only is Miranda the same but she revels in it and enjoys life.  Something we all should do. We should stop worrying about what we think we should be doing and do what we want. If that is hanging out with a vacuum dressed like our crush, galloping to work or playing in a ball pit like it is our job. We should enjoy our lives while we are still able to.

Also, her friends and family just add to the craziness that we all can relate too. Her best friend and her Heather Smalls obsession, her mother who is desperate for Miranda to get married and Gary, who likes Miranda when she is herself. There are so many other characters in Miranda’s world that just round out the show beautifully.

This show came at a time in my life where I was burnt out on the sitcom.  It all seemed the same. The same characters and same situations. Usually involving nerds (Shade all over BBT. Is it shade anymore if I just come out and say what I am shading?).  Anyway, I was done. Then I noticed the show, gave it a watch, and I was hooked.  It was refreshing, lovable and never failed to make me fall off my bed with laughter. I wish more American sitcoms did that these days.

Such Fun! aka Best Episodes

All the episodes are great. You could watch them out of order for the first two seasons but season three to the big Christmas goodbye you need to watch in order. It has a plotline that is important to watch in order.

The best episodes in my opinion?

Season One

“Date” and “Holiday.”

Season Two

“Just Act Normal” and “The New Me.”

Season Three

“It was just Panning” and “The Finale.”


Miranda is a show that showed us that you do not have to act like a grown-up all the time. Sometimes we all have to embrace our awkward and childish side and just have fun with life.

Do you enjoy any other British sitcoms? What is your favorite? Tell me below! Until then…the randomness has come to an end. Enjoy.


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