YouTube: The New Must Stream TV


Welcome back to the randomness! Today, my dear friends, I am talking about YouTube. It is more of a ‘mind grape’ of an entry into the randomness.

It has been 10 years since YouTube appeared(Yes…it’s that old people). I remember when YouTube showed up. I was in my senior year of high school (stop laughing…I am not old. I am a cool person. I swear!). I do not remember caring about it until I was well into my long running college career. The lure of cute animal videos was what hooked me. Since then my viewing habits on YouTube have changed. Sure, I still watch funny animal videos but I also watch so much more.

Every morning I have a routine. I get up. I grab breakfast. I feed the fish. I make sure my 17-year-old dog is not dead and then I go back to my computer. I check my email. I go to my social media. I also click on YouTube to check my subscriptions. I follow so many people. Makeup artists, Let’s Plays and comedians are the ones that populate my subscription lists.

When did YouTube become a place that I had to go? When did it become Must See TV?  Really, must see streaming…I guess.

Have our voyeuristic ways gotten so bad we need to watch people do things on the internet at all times of the day? Since reality shows are getting less and less real (if they even were real to begin with), is it making us turn to YouTube?

Based on my viewing habits and my obsession with reality shows. I would conclude that is where we are headed.

Join the Madness aka My Favorite YouTubers (This Month)








SteveHayes (He needs more YouTube love. He is awesome)

Chris Stuckman

Learning to be Fearless

What did you all think? YouTube the place to get our reality fix? Tell me below! Until then…the randomness has come to an end. Enjoy.

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