Young and the Restless Theory Time: Billy/Victoria and the Soap Opera Super Couple

Super Couples and You

Soap Operas have been a part of my life for as long as I could remember.  I always remembered loving to see my favorite characters dealing with the most absurd circumstances and
surviving day after day.  While I loved the individual characters; I truly fell hard for the couples that populated this world.  Some couples came and went but there were always a select few that the world would always love.   These types of couples were called, affectionately, the super couples.  Super couples are defined as when the public becomes captivated or even with a popular fictional couple.  The best examples of these couples were Luke and Laura, Reva and Josh, Jack and Jennifer and Nikki and Victor.

Over the years the idea of the super couple in soap operas had started to die out.  Some blame the fact that the writers, for ratings sake, kill off couples before they could even be thought of as a potential super couple.  That is what Young and the Restless writers seemed to be doing (excluding Victor and Nikki) with most of the couples they created.  Then came along Billy Abbott and Victoria Newman and the viewing public became interested but a bit wary knowing how the writers work on this particular soap opera.

From the first kiss to their “Father Knows Best” wedding, Victoria and Billy have managed to make viewers fall in love.  However with the good times comes the bad.  From daddy issues to the loss of Lucy, Victoria and Billy have been though a lot of pain.  Instead of breaking up and forgetting that each other existed, the writers kept them in each other’s orbits. Viewers
watched as Billy and Victoria crossed wires, supported each other, fall apart and never felt worthy of each other’s love.  Some might feel despair, watching their favorite couple go through this, but the seasoned fans of soap operas know this is the markings of a super couple.  The super couple goes to extremes.  From extreme happiness to extreme sadness but they never get each other out of their systems.

There are so many amazing Victoria and Billy fan videos out there but I felt the one I placed below shows how much happiness and sadness this couple has truly been though.

All of this leads to my theory.

Theory Time!

As we stand, Billy and Victoria made love and Billy split right after.  This left fans with a bad taste in their mouths.  However, I see this as an opportunity for Billy and Victoria to become a full-fledged super couple.

Just a warning before I start.  This theory is full of flaws and holes, hence why it is a theory that I need to fix with time.  Please just humor me and my obsessive nature and read with an open mind and heart.

I am convinced that Victoria will become pregnant from that last moment they shared.  She won’t know this until she is far along (no miscarriages here.  That is has been done with them).  Since she cannot find Billy and she feels he left her for good, she keeps the pregnancy to herself deciding to raise the child on her own.  Obviously this won’t happen since someone will figure it out but more on that later.

Meanwhile Billy is off trying to make himself better and more worthy of Victoria’s love by going to rehab (Thanks to Robansuefarm  on twitter for that idea).  He doesn’t have a clue that Victoria is pregnant with their child.  He just focuses on getting better to come back to his wife.

As time goes on Victoria obviously starts to show and she can’t keep this secret for long.  One of the Abbott siblings finds out and finds Billy to get him home.  Obviously, wires cross, and Billy believes that Victoria was purposely trying to cut him out since he thinks she doesn’t want him anymore. It also reminds him of what Chloe has done with Delia and he becomes angry with Victoria.  He comes back to Geona City and Victoria with a chip on his shoulder.

After much angst, Victoria just explains that she kept the baby a secret since he left her with no explanation.  She was convinced he left her and he didn’t care for her anymore.  Once again…wires have been crossed and misunderstands emerge.

Something happens to Victoria (thanks to Victor) and she almost loses the baby.  This makes Billy and Victoria realize what they have and finally get smart and get back together to raise the baby together as a big happy family (obviously Reed and Delia are included).

*Fans rejoice*

If you are still reading this…wow…you must like me….

This puts them on the list for super couple status because of the up and down nature of their relationship.  The angst leads to happiness and vice versa.  While this plays out on television the fan base would grow more obsessive and Billy and Victoria become more and more popular.  People just want this couple to succeed together as well as apart.  This makes them a great super couple.


I would like to thank the Villy family on twitter and tumblr for supporting my Villy love and obsession.  I would also like to promote a great tumblr page, Daily Young and the Restless.  (  It is a place to talk about the show and just generally fan girl over villy and any other characters or couples.  All is welcome.

Thanks for reading and please be gentle.  First time I talked about a theory outside of the Daily Young and the Restless.  Hope everyone enjoyed and wasn’t scared off by my obsessive soap opera self.

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